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  • Cyber safety at tax time

    Tax time is a busy time of year for more than just the tax profession. Criminals are particularly active during tax time and it pays to know what you can do to help keep your practice and your clients safe.

    Steps you can take to make your practice more secure include:

    • checking proof of identity for all new clients and question discrepancies before you prepare and lodge their returns
    • regularly reviewing staff accesses and immediately cancelling AUSkey access for anyone who shouldn’t have one
    • keeping your devices up to date by installing the latest security updates, run regular anti-virus scans and use a spam filter on your email accounts
    • exercising caution when downloading attachments or clicking links in emails, text messages or social media posts, even if they appear to come from someone you know.

    Resources and information available to help you and to share with your clients include:

    See also:

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