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  • Eligible employers are now receiving the cash flow boost

    Eligible employers are starting to receive the cash flow boost on their activity statement account. To ensure your clients receive refunds they are entitled to as quickly as possible, check their financial details are up to date for their activity statement accounts.

    If your clients are eligible, between the March and June tax periods you will see a total cash flow boost of:

    • $10,000; or
    • the amount withheld from payments made to employees up to $50,000.

    The cash flow boost will be credited against amounts owed in the activity statement. For example, if there is pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and GST payable, the boost credit will reduce those amounts. If there is an excess credit on the activity statement which received the cash flow boost, the credit will be refunded rather than offset against any existing debt.

    For most businesses, we will automatically determine their eligibility based on the information we hold. This includes information provided to us in income tax or GST returns.

    If some of your clients do not automatically receive the boost, it does not mean they are not eligible. We may simply need some additional information to determine their eligibility. Read our recently updated information on special eligibility rules to determine when you need to contact us.

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    Last modified: 18 May 2020QC 62657