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  • Prevent data breaches

    Criminals will take any opportunity to steal valuable information from your and your clients' businesses, including employee and other records. They target everyone and can take advantage of situations which make you and your clients vulnerable.

    A data breach can have significant impacts on both your business and your clients. You can take some simple steps to help reduce the risk of your business being targeted. As a business, you can increase your cyber security by:

    • keep software up-to-date, and run regular checks on hardware to ensure there are no viruses or spam
    • regularly review employee accesses, and remove any that are no longer needed
    • always exercise caution when clicking on links or downloading attachments
    • if you use a managed service provider, ensure they deliver sound cyber security by asking them these simple questionsThis link will download a file
    • if you or your service provider experience a data breach report it to us on 1800 467 033 so we can apply measures to protect your business, staff and clients where necessary
    • implement the Essential EightThis link will download a file mitigation strategies to improve your cyber resilience.

    Encourage your clients and employees to:

    • create unique passwords that are difficult for others to guess, and change them regularly
    • never share their passwords with anyone
    • use multi-factor identification where possible.

    It's also important to review your physical security measures and encourage your clients to do the same. Things that you can do include:

    • making sure if an employee leaves your business that their access to your premises is removed, this includes returning keys and building passes
    • being careful when meeting clients in public places, locking computer screens and making sure no paperwork is left behind
    • ensuring records are destroyed using a secure record destruction service
    • minimising paper records, keeping them in secure, locked cabinets or secure offsite storage
    • considering security systems including alarms or surveillance cameras for your premises

    It is also advisable to conduct engagement and security checks for new staff and contractors where possible, and to ensure that you are performing proper identification checks with new clients, particularly those you only engage with online or over the phone.

    Where security breaches occur, we may need to withdraw your access to our systems while the breach is remediated. There may also be implications under the TPB Code of Conduct. So, it is important to undertake steps to prevent breaches from occurring in the first place.

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