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  • Resuming offsetting of debts on hold

    From May 2022, some of your clients may receive a letter to their postal address reminding them of their aged debt.

    An aged debt is an uneconomical non-pursued debt that we have placed on hold and have not undertaken any recent action to collect. Your client’s non-pursued debt amount does not show as an outstanding balance on their account as we have made it ‘inactive’. 

    From June 2022, we will recommence offsetting clients’ tax refunds or credits to pay off their debts on hold. 

    You may notice that your client’s refund is less than expected as we use a tax refund or credit from one account to pay off an outstanding debt on the same or another account. In some cases, we may use credits your clients receive from other government agencies to pay off their debt.

    You can see these offset transactions in Online services for agents – your client will also receive a Statement of Account (SOA). You can access your client’s Statement of Account via Online services for agents under Communication History.

    To check if your clients have a non-pursued debt, follow the steps outlined in debts on hold.

    Last modified: 17 May 2022QC 69610