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  • See our big picture for the tax and super system

    We are sharing what we are doing to make our interactions easier, the help we offer and what we are doing to ensure a fairer tax and super system. We are committed to supporting you by making it as easy as possible for you to work with us and help your clients.

    Our focus is on building our relationship and providing you with the right information, when you need it.

    Read the big picture for tax professionals to find out:

    • how we are working closely with you and acting on your feedback
    • what attracts our attention for individuals and small business
    • our guidance products that outline what behaviours raise concern
    • how we manage debt by tailoring our approach depending on your client's circumstances.

    We will build on our achievements, learn from successes and mistakes, direct our resources to what matters most, and continually review our processes and performance so we can move in the right direction together.

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