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  • Stay smart online to avoid cybercrime

    Stay Smart Online week is a timely reminder to protect your practice and keep your clients and staff information safe from cybercriminals by following these three easy steps:

    • Be careful what you share and who you share it with – protect your personal and financial information:
      • Regularly review staff accesses and immediately cancel AUSkey access for anyone who shouldn’t have one.
      • Always exercise caution when downloading attachments or clicking links in emails, text messages or social media posts, even if they appear to come from someone you know.
      • Beware of anyone asking you to ‘confirm’ your details and don’t share your details unless you’ve checked the person's identity.
      • Consider what business information you’re sharing publicly. Criminals may use this information to impersonate you and send emails to your clients requesting information or money.
    • Keep your passwords safe and turn on two-factor authentication:
      • Create strong passwords you can remember but are hard for others to guess.
      • Use multi-factor authentication where possible to access ATO online services such as using SMS codes as your sign-in option for myGov.
    • Know how to spot an ATO Phishing scam. We will never ask you to:
      • Click on a link in a text message or email to download forms or attachments.
      • Provide your personal identifying and financial institution details via a return SMS, social media or email in order to receive a refund.
      • Click on a hyperlink in a text message or email to log on to our online services.

    If your staff or clients are unsure an interaction from us is genuine, ask them not to engage.

    They can phone our scam hotline on 1800 008 540 or visit to verify the contact is legitimate.

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