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  • Support for your practice

    If you or your practice are experiencing difficulties or dealing with a stressful event, we can help.

    Visit Support for your practice for the information you need during those times. It provides quick access to information about the support available to help you:

    • manage your lodgment program
    • recover from a natural disaster, data breach or cyber security incident
    • resolve certain issues
    • report when a tax or BAS agent passes away
    • access advice and guidance products
    • use our digital services.

    Remember, most reporting and transactions can be done online. Our Tax agent and BAS agent online services guides show you the services you can use to transact and resolve queries. You may also find our digital education resources useful to help optimise your use of Online services for agents.

    For transactions or queries that can't be conducted via digital services, we have phone services that you can use as a tax professional if you need assistance.

    To stay informed you can:

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