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  • What to do when your client has a tax debt

    With more than 74% of individuals and 95% of businesses using the services of a tax professional, at some stage it's likely you will have clients who find themselves with a tax debt. We want to make sure you have the right tools to support your clients who have a debt.

    In response to feedback from one of our tax professional consultation forums, we have created a fact sheet (PDF 205KB)This link will download a file and web content to provide clarity, improve visibility and articulate how we deal with debt.

    The new fact sheet introduces the four approaches we may use when managing your clients' debt. It outlines what happens when a debt occurs, and the tailored approach we take to manage your clients' debt. The fact sheet shows how we use your client's individual circumstances, behaviour, and lodgement and payment history to determine the most appropriate action.

    We want to work with you to manage your clients' tax debts and prevent any future debts.

    Contact us and talk to us early, so debt issues do not escalate. Communication with us is key to tackling your clients' tax debts.

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