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  • Your clients and the TPRS

    From November 2020 we will be contacting your business clients (excluding those in Victoria) about the Taxable payments reporting system (TPRS). Clients contacted will be those who provide cleaning, courier or road freight, IT, surveillance, investigation or security services.

    During each call, we will be helping you and your clients to:

    • understand TPRS and how it may apply to them
    • work out if they need to lodge a Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) or TPAR Non-lodgment advice
    • meet any TPRS obligations they have
    • provide help to lodge.

    We may also be contacting you or your clients (excluding those in Victoria) to provide the opportunity to self-amend potential income discrepancies identified between the client’s lodged 2018–19 year income tax returns and the corresponding TPAR data that we hold.

    Early next year, we will contact those who may have incorrectly provided a TPAR Non-lodgment advice, and where a business has potentially made a mistake, encourage self-correction.

    We will use the results from this contact to inform our help and support approach to the TPRS in 2021, as we continue to help you and your clients understand their obligations.

    To be prepared, you and your clients can check if they:

    • need to lodge a TPAR or TPAR Non-lodgment advice
    • have included all their contractor income on their tax return.

    For more information:

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