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  • Lodgment deferral tips

    You can help us respond more quickly to your lodgment deferral request:

    • Do not phone us to request a deferral as we cannot accept your deferral requests over the phone.
    • Download the current online application form for the appropriate deferral type.
    • Complete all the required information starting from the top of the form
      • Select either Tax or BAS agent from the drop-down menu to enable the appropriate options in other drop-down menus.
      • Supply sufficient information to support your application where a reason is requested.
      • Original due date is the initial Lodgment program due date. If the obligation was previously deferred, the original due date does not change.
      • Deferred due date is the date you are now asking to lodge your client's obligation.
      • ICAC Account is the three-digit number included in your clients' activity statement account.
      • Period end date relates to the year, quarter or month end of the obligation, for example, a March quarterly activity statement has a quarter end date of 31 March.
    • Select the practice mail topic and subject for the obligation type, for example, Income tax - Agent assessed deferral.
    • If you receive an error message when attempting to send attachments with ‘.xlsx’ file type via practice mail, save the file as ‘Excel97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)” before attaching to your practice mail message.
    • Once you submit the request, do not send further requests for the same client within the 28-day processing period.

    If you have difficulties managing your lodgment program due to circumstances beyond your control, we can help with longer-term support.

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