Pre-filling service

The pre-filling service helps to ensure the accuracy of returns by allowing you to cross-check information provided by your clients, with that held by us.

The pre-filling service 2016 will include the following updates:

  • removal of taxpayer gender information
  • more statement of distribution data reported from partnerships
  • consolidation of capital gains fields and new transfer of trust income data from managed funds
  • new foreign source investment income data
  • exploration credits reported by companies as dividends will display as tax offsets
  • removal of Medicare benefit tax statement due to the net medical expense tax offset phase-out
  • removal of account holding type and employee identifier for employee shares schemes, and new messages for some employees with overseas employment periods
  • changes to ATO interest due to simplified data capture
  • closing stock will be included in prior-year individual tax return data
  • myDeductions data that your clients upload will be accessible in your Standard Business Reporting-enabled software, through the Practitioner lodgment service
  • improved display of information.

Remember, the pre-filling service only reflects the information received by us at the date you request the data.

We expect most pre-filling information to be available by early August.

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Last modified: 30 May 2016QC 45700