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  • Data matching

    We scrutinise every tax return. We cross-check information provided with over 650 million transactions from third parties such as employers and banks to ensure all income is declared and the correct offsets and exemptions are claimed.

    This year, we contacted about 200,000 taxpayers who had apparent discrepancies in the information they reported in their tax returns. Nine out of ten returns were adjusted as a result of our enquiries.

    The majority of taxpayers who made errors in their tax return didn’t wait for all pre-fill information to be available. Take extra care when preparing your clients returns at the start of the financial year and remind them they need to provide all necessary information.

    With better quality data now available from more sources, we continue to expand our data matching capability to encompass a greater range of areas, such as:

    • capital gains from the disposal of shares and property
    • foreign source income
    • income from payments made by government agencies
    • partnership and trust distributions
    • employee share schemes.

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