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  • Pre-filling service

    The pre-filling service helps to ensure the accuracy of returns by allowing you to cross-check information provided by your clients, with information that we hold.

    Pre-filling information is available through Online services for agents, the Tax Agent Portal and the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).

    The pre-filling service 2018 includes the following updates and new data:

    • pay as you go payment summary data for Australian annuities and superannuation streams (previously called superannuation income stream payment summary)
    • a dividend and interest income message indicating which of your clients may not have reported all their income last year
    • a work-related expense message indicating which of your clients made higher-than-expected claims last year (now available in the PLS)
    • a new amount pre-filled where your client had capital proceeds from disposals of shares and units
    • an indication where amended data has been received from a third party about shares and units disposals (only available in the portal)
    • government grants information included in the Taxable payments annual report
    • calculated income average amount for special professionals removed and message added
    • the early stage venture capital limited partnership tax offset and early stage investor tax offset carried forward from previous year
    • ATO interest on fringe benefits tax and insolvency accounts
    • item D10 'Cost of managing tax affairs' is now split into new sub-components, including item D10N 'Interest charged by the ATO'
    • item 24 'Other income' is now split into a new sub-component, including 24X 'Category 2 (ATO interest)'
    • contact number removed from taxpayer details within the portal
    • item M1Y 'Number of dependent children and students' will pre-fill based on numbers reported in the client's previous return (only available in the portal)
    • item IT8 'Number of dependent children' will pre-fill based on numbers reported in the client's previous return (now available in the PLS).

    Remember, the pre-filling service only reflects the information received by us at the date you request the data.

    We expect most pre-filling information to be available by mid-August.

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    Last modified: 31 May 2018QC 45700