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  • Sharing economy

    The sharing economy is a way of connecting buyers and sellers, usually via an online platform (App or website). New sharing economy arrangements are coming into the market regularly.

    If your clients are engaged in the sharing economy, their income and deductions need to be included on their tax returns. Examples include:

    • ride-sourcing – transporting passengers for a fare
    • renting out a room or house for accommodation
    • renting out parking spaces
    • providing skilled services such as web or trade services
    • completing odd jobs, cleaning, or running errands
    • delivering food
    • renting, hiring or sharing cars, caravans or motor bikes
    • renting, hiring or sharing assets or equipment such as tools, musical instruments or sports equipment.

    If your clients provide goods or services through any sharing economy platforms, consider how income tax, goods and services tax or any other tax apply to their earnings.

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