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  • Tax Time update - 23 July 2019

    Tax Time update - as at 22 July 2019

    From 1–19 July 2019:

    Total lodgments (all forms): Over .8M which is a 22% increase from same period last year.

    • Individual Electronic Self-Preparers: over 1.6M
    • Individual Electronic Tax Agent: over 1M
    • Non Individuals: over 100,000

    For Individual lodgments received:

    • Over 2.4M current year returns
    • Over 290,000 prior year returns.

    As at 23 July 2019 we have received over 1.4 million calls, which is 500,000 more than last year.

    Notice of intent - personal super contributions

    The notice of intent must be reported to the ATO via the Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) within 10 business days of being processed (acknowledged). Where a member lodges a subsequent notice for a separate amount, this should be reported as a new notice of intent transaction.

    They must include the:

    • Notice of intent date
    • Notice of intent amount
    • Notice of intent tax year

    The acknowledgement notice that must be given to the Individual claiming the deduction should ideally include:

    • A clear statement that the super fund has received the client’s notice of intent to claim a deduction
    • the date the fund received the original notice and any subsequent variations of the acknowledgment
    • the member's account and super fund details
    • the total amount of personal contributions that the original notice covers and, of those, the amount the member currently intends to claim as a deduction
    • the date the contributions were made or the income year they were made in.

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    Support for tax practitioners

    The ATO understands that sometimes practitioners need additional help and assistance in managing their clients and their own tax obligations. Support is available during these times.

    Next meeting

    The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 30 July 2019 commencing at 11:00am (AEST).

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