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  • Tax Time update – 29 October 2019

    The Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group (TPSG) Tax Time meeting was held on Tuesday 29 October 2019. The following topics were discussed and will assist professional associations to communicate key messages to their members and tax practitioners.

    Lodgment statistics as at 30 October 2019

    Type and channel

    Year to date total returns received (all years)

    Current year returns received

    Comparison – Current year returns received as at 30/10/2019

    Individual – electronic



    9% increase

    Non-individual – electronic



    7% increase

    Self-preparer – myTax



    20% increase

    Tax practitioner – practitioner lodgment service (PLS)



    4% increase

    Note: Paper statistics have been removed from this table as lodgments via paper are still working through our systems and being keyed.

    As at 28 October 2019 we received over 4.4 million phone calls, which is a 18.8% increase in comparison to the same time last year.

    Single touch payroll (as at 04 November 2019):

    • 18,880,694 records have been finalised, of which 8,188,748 Payment Summary Annual Reports (PSARS) and 10,691,946 single touch payroll (STP)
    • 98.6% of single touch payroll data is finalised
    • 152,336 records remain unfinalised
    • 99.2% of overall records (single touch payroll and payment summary annual reports) in pre-fill are finalised data
    • Over 4.8 million income tax returns lodged by individuals with single touch payroll income

    AUSkey to myGovID transition

    We will provide ongoing communication to support the transition from AUSkey to myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (or RAM) through to the end of March 2020 when AUSkey is decommissioned.

    Our broad communication will reinforce that nothing is more important to developing and maintaining the public’s trust in the Tax and Super systems than the security of the ATO’s IT systems and the data we hold. From April 2020 access to ATO’s online services will require every end user to be individually verified and authorised to act on behalf of a business.

    MyGovID is a personal identity credential that can be used across a range of government services, as well as providing access to Online services for agents, in conjunction with RAM. The myGovID app is now available on both Apple and Android devices and is now in public beta as a login option to Online services for agents.

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    2020 system outages

    We have recently updated our 2020 outages, including all the monthly weekends and the major releases. Please note we are still in negotiation phase for Q2 which will occur sometimes in the second half of June 2020. Once we have confirmed that, it will be added to the system maintenance page.

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    Tips and links

    Be wary of emails, phone calls and text message claiming to be from the ATO. Check for the latest tax-related scam alerts.

    It is quicker to action additional tax on concessional contributions (Division 293) election forms online. Find out how to lodge these using Online services for agents.

    Activity statement financial processing (ASFP) will consolidate all our tax accounts into one system. This will improve functions in Online services for agents. We are working with you deliver the changes at the end of the year.

    Next meeting

    This was the final tax time meeting scheduled for 2019. We thank you for your participation.

    If there are any concerns in relation to any aspect of Tax Time 2019 meetings, please contact us via

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