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  • After you lodge

    We aim to process the majority of electronically lodged tax returns within 12 business days. If you can't lodge electronically, lodging a paper tax return can take up to 50 days for us to process manually. We will keep you informed about the progress of your client's tax return and any delays.

    You should provide relevant information to your clients to manage their expectations about when they will receive their notice of assessment.

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    Checking the status of your client's tax return

    We let you know about the progress of a tax return several ways; these include:

    Tax return status email

    We'll email you a weekly report where there are processing delays with your clients' tax returns.

    Your clients will first appear on the tax return status report 10 days after lodgment. They will remain on this report each week until we finish processing their tax returns. The lodgment date of your client's tax return will only display on the report when the processing is delayed by 28 days or more.

    The report will provide details of what may be causing the processing delay.

    Online services for agents

    You can view the lodgment and progress of your clients' tax returns in Online services for agents. At the Client summary select Lodgment then Income tax and History.

    The outcome of a tax return will not be visible online until the tax return has been processed and the assessment amounts are dispersed to your clients' accounts.

    Even when the issue date and assessment amount become visible, they are both subject to review and change until the notice of assessment has issued.

    As we process your client’s tax return, the Status and Outcome in Online services for agents may differ to the details provided in the Tax return status report.

    Confirmation of refund SMS

    Your clients may receive a confirmation of refund SMS message from us. This SMS lets them know their tax return has been finalised and when to expect their refund in their nominated bank account.

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    Notice of assessment

    You can view a client's notice of assessment in Online services for agents. At the Client summary select Lodgment then Income tax and History.

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    Other electronic communication to clients

    If your client has created a myGov account that is linked to the ATO, they will receive their notice of assessment, tax receipts and most communication from us electronically via their myGov Inbox.

    Communications sent to your clients via their myGov Inbox will not be sent to you in paper form.

    You can view those communications via Communication history in Online services for agents. You and your client can choose where our digital communications are sent using Communication preferences in Online services for agents.

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