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  • Tax Time update – 17 August 2021

    Proposed guidance communication consultation

    Draft communication on deductibility of expenses which related to receipt of government support payments deemed to be non-assessable non-exempt was provided to members for feedback.

    The intent of the communication was to provide clear guidance of circumstances of when expenses could be deductible and to outline the ATO’s intent as to whether it would apply compliance resources.

    Members feedback and suggestions will be considered and/or incorporated into the final communication.

    Service delivery

    No significant changes from the previous week, call volumes have been consistent, wait times are well within standard.

    ATO systems

    Performance across all ATO channels is good. No issues or exceptions to report.

    Members noted the stability and reliability of ATO online services throughout the tax time period.


    Key updates

    Following last week’s meeting the ATO sent additional information and links to:

    The ATO encouraged members to take a look at this information and to share within their networks.

    Focus for this week

    The ATO will be promoting the support options available for tax professionals through our deferrals and supported lodgment program, particularly as we are coming up to the quarterly activity statement concessional due date.

    A new ‘Support for tax professionals'External Link video with Assistant Commissioner Sylvia Gallagher covers this information and will be promoted in the Tax professionals newsletter, along with some posts on social media.

    Superannuation and employer obligations

    The ATO are working with Digital Service Providers (DSPs) in relation to DSP readiness for STP phase 2, and will keep members and the community up to date as we progress

    The ATO advised it had investigated whether there was any solution to enable practitioners to obtain a consolidated STP lodgment report. Whilst no immediate solutions were identified, the issue has been acknowledged and will be further monitored for opportunities.

    The Commissioner has made a public interest immunity claim against the senate order for the production of documents in relation to Jobkeeper grants paid to companies with an annual turnover of more than $10m. Senator Rex Patrick’s response can be read hereExternal Link.

    Small business

    Having regard to feedback from agents and small business representatives as to the current environment, the ATO advised it is reviewing timing and priority of planned interactions with small businesses and/or their agents.

    Debt and lodgment

    The ATO advised that it has suspended firmer action campaigns in ACT as a result of the lockdown.

    Outbound telephony campaigns have been moderated in consideration of the current agent workloads and feedback. This initiative was implemented last week.

    Member issues / open discussion

    • Members reported an issue with a super contribution rounding error and advised they would send examples of issues to the TPSG mailbox.

    The ATO advised that it would investigate the issue and provide an update to members.

    • Members reported the issue of receiving email communication with no client identifier.

    The ATO advised that this was a known issue and there are currently limited solutions that will resolve the issue immediately. The Assistant Commissioner of Service Delivery Strategy and Support would be invited to the next weekly meeting to provide an overview of the process to members.

    Useful links and resources

    Next meeting date

    The next Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group Tax time 2021 meeting will be held on Tuesday 24 August.

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