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  • Tax Time 2022 update – 19 July

    The Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group (TPSG) Tax Time 2022 meeting was held on Tuesday 19 July 2022. Key messages and themes from the discussion are listed.

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    Role changes for attendees are noted below:

    • Les De Wind was an apology, Dilek Temizkan represented Lodge and Pay.

    TPSG external member apologies:

    • Mark Morris, BNR Partners
    • Matthew Addison, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
    • Mark Chapman, H&R Block.


    Members were welcomed and advised of changes to ATO representatives for the meeting.

    Action item updates

    Action items below were closed as relevant information was disseminated on 19 July 2022:

    • A member queried whether any of the crypto tax software products on the market integrated with pre-fill.
    • A member queried whether there were any planned communications that highlighted the general tax, main residence and capital gains implications for those operating in the shared economy. The member highlighted that there appears to be some misconception out in the community.
    • A member suggested that an emphasis be placed on only claiming for COVID-19 expenses that have been incurred and not reimbursed. This would assist in ensuring that a claim is made once, by the eligible party.
    • A member queried whether there were any updates regarding people impacted by the floods, highlighting the approaching due date for business activity statements.

    MYOB – Single Touch Payroll (STP) issues discussion

    Members reported several issues associated with STP, which is impacting a subset of employers. MYOB is working on a fix. Employers should contact MYOB.

    ATO updates

    Updates were provided from:

    • ATO Systems and Digital services
    • Service Delivery
    • Marketing and Communication
    • Lodge and Pay
    • Individuals
    • Small Business
    • Superannuation and Employer obligations.

    No significant issues identified. Tax time is progressing well.

    Member comments

    A member queried why the pandemic leave payment isn’t include in pre-fill, given it's assessable income.

    We advised the pandemic leave payment is not currently under the data-sharing arrangement with Services Australia. Further work to have the payments included would be required. A conscious effort to focus on communicating the requirement to include the payment amount in returns was made for impacted clients.

    A member advised that the Services Australia website informs clients that the pandemic leave payment will not be pre-filled.

    Members indicated that the current communications regarding assessability, and the need to manually include pandemic disaster payment income, was not getting the reach or required cut-through.

    A member advised the profession believe the ATO isn’t supportive of third-party data providers or accounting software for calculation of crypto currencies and wanted clarification on the ATO’s position.

    We recommend using either an excel spreadsheet or third-party accounting software for record-keeping purposes.

    A member advised the National Tax Liaison Group (NTLG) have a crypto working group and advised it's impossible to use excel for reporting crypto. A member’s client has requested a private ruling as audit teams are unwilling to accept information from third-party exchanges.

    We requested further information to be provided by the member, as it's unlikely audit on crypto has occurred.

    A member advised another building entity has collapsed and queried whether there was any advice for tax agents who take on an impacted employee client.

    We advised that:

    • checking super guarantee has been paid would be an initial check to do
    • we would consider and report back on other tips and suggestions for tax agents of impacted clients.

    Post-meeting update

    We can confirm that a working group, focussed on crypto, hasn't been formed by the NTLG.

    Member issues and insights

    New issues

    A member highlighted that accounting firms are struggling to get 2021 deferral requests approved, with slow response times or refusal causing concern in the practitioner community.

    We advised there has been no change in ATO policy or procedures when assessing deferral requests. We acknowledged there's a large volume of requests on hand that are being worked through. Additional resourcing has been brought on to action the requests.

    We committed to reviewing deferral request data (rate of approvals and refusals) to determine if there are any issues or opportunities to improve the practitioner experience.

    A member queried the 2022 default lodgment due date for individual clients who have lodged prior returns late.

    We confirmed that the default date in the scenario presented is 31 October. Further information about the Tax agent lodgment program 2022–23 is available on our website.

    Lodgment due dates for income tax clients will be available in Online services for agents by the end of July.

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