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  • Annual PAYG instalment notice – for tax agents

    Find out about paying annual pay as you go (PAYG) instalments due by 21 October.

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    Instalment notices

    Although annual pay as you go (PAYG) instalments aren't due until 21 October (for income years ending 30 June), we issue instalment notices in early July to help you identify:

    • clients with an annual PAYG instalment obligation
    • the amount of their PAYG instalment liability.

    Paying annual instalments

    If you choose to pay the amount calculated by us at T5 on the instalment notice and you've lodged your client's tax return by 21 October, you won't need to lodge the instalment notice. Simply pay the amount by 21 October.

    If you choose to pay the rate calculated by us at T2 on the instalment notice, it is best to lodge the instalment notice (activity statement) prior to lodging the tax return.

    There is still an obligation to pay the instalment by the due date and general interest charge (GIC) may apply to any amount not paid by this date.

    Varying your client's instalment amount

    If your client’s circumstances have changed and the amount we calculate will result in them paying more or less than their actual income tax liability, you can vary their instalment amount for them.

    If you wish to vary your client's annual PAYG instalment amount, it's best to do this before lodging their tax return. This will ensure they receive the correct instalment credit on their income tax assessment.

    To vary the instalment amount:

    • complete labels T6, T4 and 5A on the annual PAYG instalment notice
    • return it to us before lodging your client's tax return or by 21 October (whichever comes first)
    • pay the varied amount by 21 October.

    If you've already lodged your client's tax return before making the variation, you will need to pay the amount we calculate at T5 on the instalment notice by 21 October. Do not vary this instalment amount as this may result in the wrong amount being credited towards the income account.

    Updating your client’s contact details

    If your client has changed their email or postal address, you should update their details in our systems so they can continue to receive a notification advising their activity statement is ready.

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