Preparing to lodge

Adding clients to your client list

You must add clients to your client list prior to lodging.

If you do not add the client to your list beforehand, you may not be able to lodge on the clients' behalf as your software will be unable to verify your link to the client.

You can add new clients to your client list using the client update service, or through the portals.

If you try to lodge for a client not correctly attached to your client list, you will receive an authorisation error. Common reasons for authorisation errors in the PLS include:

  • the client is not on your client list
  • the client is attached to a different registered agent number (RAN), if you have multiple RANs
  • the TFN or ABN is incorrect
  • you are not authorised for the relevant role or account
  • your AUSkey permissions have not been set.

Talking to your clients

You will not need to make many changes to the information you usually collect from your clients in order to lodge for them using the PLS.

Client details

When making appointments with clients, remind them to provide the information you need to prepare and lodge their returns.

This will generally include:

  • personal identification
  • Australian financial institution account details
  • Medicare card number
  • private health insurance statement
  • spouse details, including details of income.

Access to client records

You can continue to add new clientsExternal Link to your client list using the tax and BAS agent portals.

Depending on your practice management software, you may be able to manage your client list directly through your SBR-enabled software. You may also have the ability to manage client updates through a batch process. Your software provider will let you know when this option is available.

Access Manager allows you to assign and manage permissions for your staff. However, you will also need to have adequate internal procedures and security controls in place to ensure access to records is strictly controlled.

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