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  • Client update (CU)

    A relationship (client link) must be established before accessing or using the PLS for a particular client.

    Tax agents can update client details for both activity statements and income tax while BAS agents can only update client details for activity statements.

    You can add or remove a link between a client and yourself. If a relationship already exists for that client with another registered agent, that relationship will be end-dated at the time of the new update.

    If a client is removed from your client listing and later restored, all client data will be accessible from the restoration date. Clients may have different registered agents for different roles.

    Types of client updates currently available, depending on your digital service provider, include:

    • add or remove a relationship with a client – (CUREL)
    • advise date of death – (CUDTL)
    • update the legal name of a trust, super fund or partnership - (CUDTL)
    • add or remove activity statement roles – (CUMAS)
    • update lodgment status (RNN or FRNN) – (CURNN)
    • update addresses (business, residential, postal) – (CUADDR)
    • update electronic details (email, telephone numbers) – (CUEC)
    • update financial institution details - (CUFI).

    Updating an individual's name cannot be done via the PLS. The individual must contact us to verify their identity.

    Updates to your client list (adding or removing clients) occur in real time for single transactions with the PLS providing there are no errors in the request. Refer to your software's transmission response to confirm that the information was sent and received successfully.

    Last modified: 15 Apr 2020QC 49409