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  • Individual income tax return profile compare (IITRPRFL)

    The individual income tax return profile compare (IITRPRFL) service allows you to receive real-time messages for your clients regarding income and deductions that are possibly inaccurate, as you complete the income tax form.

    You can select this service through your software, which will access our operational analytics to see if any of the claims are out of the ordinary.

    An example of the type of message that may be returned is:

    'Your total work-related expenses of $xxx are high compared to others in your occupation with similar income. Please review these amounts, particularly your claims for car and other deductions. (Occupation: xxx)'

    Messaging for clients is available for the following labels:

    • Interest income and dividend income
    • Work-related expenses
    • Cost of managing tax affairs – other expenses incurred
    • Other deductions – other (D15).
    • Rental Interest

    Note: All labels related to salary and wage income need to be completed for work-related expenses and other deductions responses to be correct.

    Messages are advisory only. Receiving a message does not mean a claim is wrong, and not receiving a message does not necessarily mean a claim is correct.

    The service may be built into your software from 1 July 2019 and is available for current-year returns only.

    Last modified: 15 Jul 2019QC 49409