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  • Tax professionals alerts and broadcast emails

    We have four types of alert services:

    1. Tax professionals alerts – email (optional subscription service)
    2. Tax professionals alerts – SMS (optional subscription service)
    3. Tax and BAS Agent Portal Dashboards
    4. the broadcast email service (not optional).

    Tax professionals alerts

    We send Tax professionals alerts to notify you of:

    • significant unplanned portal outages or functionality issues and their resolution (email and SMS)
    • other urgent issues (email only).

    We don't send alerts for:

    • known issues listed on the Key updates section of the home page of the portals
    • planned system outages or known technical issues already listed on System maintenance and Technical support, and communicated via other channels, like our Tax professionals newsletter.

    The alert email offers a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service.

    The SMS alert operates 7-days-a-week, 9.00am to 5.00pm EST (for Western Australia, it is 9.00am to 2.00pm EDT and 9.00am to 3.00pm EST). Occasionally, SMS alerts may be received outside these times, due to the service provider or where mobile phone coverage is not optimal.

    Significant unplanned portal issue/outage

    A significant unplanned portal issue/outage is defined as:

    • a total portal outage affecting all portal users
    • major loss of system functionality provided through the portal affecting all or most portal users – for example, another system has stopped responding to the portal requests for data
    • time-out errors affecting all or most portal users
    • where there is an unplanned extension of a scheduled maintenance window.

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    You and your practice staff can subscribe to one or both of these services, and you can subscribe multiple email addresses or phone numbers:

    Subscribe to Tax professionals alert – SMS

    To receive or opt out of the SMS alert service, send an email from your business email account to and include:

    • subject line 'Subscribe SMS alert' or 'Unsubscribe SMS alert'
    • registered agent number
    • mobile phone number
    • postcode.

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    Tax agent and BAS agent portal dashboards

    Get updates on the availability and performance of the Tax and BAS Agent Portals by visiting the Tax Agent Portal DashboardExternal Link and BAS Agent Portal DashboardExternal Link. The dashboards let you see if the portals are available or experiencing issues, based on a traffic light system.

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    Broadcast email service

    Broadcasts are an email service we occasionally use to issue important messages to registered agents affected by a specific issue. The broadcast may relate to a system issue that has affected a small number of your clients – for example, an error affecting how your client was assessed.

    The broadcast service is not a subscription service and you can't opt out. It's used minimally and only for high-priority, urgent issues where it is deemed the most effective option to alert affected agents and what we are doing about it.

    We automatically add you to the broadcast list using the email address listed with the Tax Practitioners Board.

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