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  • AUSkey

    If you are a tax professional, AUSkey is your single key to securely access government online services, including the:

    • Online services for agents (public beta)
    • Tax Agent Portal
    • BAS Agent Portal
    • Business Portal
    • Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS) – if you are a desktop software user
    • Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) – closing in December 2019
    • Australian Business Register (ABR).

    If you have an Administrator AUSkey in your name, you can:

    • register other people in your practice for an AUSkey
    • view, update and cancel any AUSkey associated with your practice.

    See also:

    Tips for tax professionals

    See the tips below to make registering for an AUSkey easier.

    Registered agents

    When registering for an AUSkey, use the Australian business number (ABN) of the entity registered as the 'registered agent' by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). Do not use the ABN of an associated entity.

    If you're not sure which ABN to use, contact the Tax Practitioners BoardExternal Link to check which entity is registered.

    If you've been issued with multiple registered agent numbers for various branches under your main registration, your AUSkey will be able to access all of these. However, if you're associated with two or more entities that are registered individually – for example, as a company and a sole practitioner – you will need an AUSkey for each entity.

    Newly registered agents

    You won't be able to access the Tax Agent Portal or Online service for agents using your AUSkey until we receive confirmation of your registration from the TPB.

    The TPB will notify us of your registration, which may take up to 21 days. Once we've confirmed your registration in our systems, you'll be able to link your AUSkey to your registered agent number in Access Manager. You can then access the Tax Agent Portal and Online services for agents (public beta) or lodge using PLS.

    Only an AUSkey Administrator can provide other staff with access to your registered agent numbers and assign appropriate permissions using Access Manager.

    Last modified: 29 Mar 2019QC 43909