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  • Online services for agents

    Online services for agents will be our new channel to access services you currently use in our portals. It has been co-designed with tax professionals to improve your online service experience. It features:

    • the tools you need to interact with us and manage your practice and clients
    • a modern and intuitive platform that will streamline functions
    • greater visibility of client data in real-time
    • an interface that can be customised to meet your needs
    • one system for all registered agents
    • new and improved functionality that addresses many of the irritants that are currently in the portals.

    The Tax Agent Portal and BAS Agent Portal will continue to be available while you transition to the new service.

    Time for change

    The portals are ageing technology, becoming increasingly difficult to maintain to meet expectations.

    To continue to improve our online service offering to you, we must develop new services.

    We recognise this is a significant change for you and your practice. The portals will remain available until an agreed closure date.

    Designing and testing with you

    In developing Online services for agents we listened to your feedback on issues with existing portals and refined functionality in the new service.

    We are working with you to test Online services for agents in a live environment through private and public beta processes.

    Participants in our private beta represent a cross-selection of tax and BAS agents from around the country. During the private beta, this group will trial the new system, which has been built as an accessible and secure service, alongside the existing portals. Feedback obtained will be used to improve the service for public beta.

    What's next

    You will be notified when our public beta phase will be open to use and provide feedback to help us refine the service.

    Similar services are being made available to your digital service providers to include in your practice management software. We will continue to consult and co-design with you and your digital service providers to help us determine priorities for this transition, and the most effective way to deliver these changes.

    Stay informed

    We will keep you updated on the progress of Online services for agents in the Tax professionals newsroom and through our newsletters.

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