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  • Practitioner lodgment service

    The practitioner lodgment service (PLS) is our main electronic lodgment channel for tax practitioners, replacing the electronic lodgment service (ELS).

    The PLS provides the foundation for future enhanced services in your software. It also improves how you currently prepare and lodge returns, activity statements and schedules with us.

    Lodging through the PLS

    The PLS is now the only electronic lodgment channel you can lodge your clients' 2017 and onwards tax and annual returns.

    The remaining forms, reports and services in the ELS will move to the PLS from the dates listed below.

    • 30 September 2018    
      • Consolidated corporate group    
        • Notification of formation
        • Members joining or leaving the group
      • Trustee details – closely held trust reporting
      • Client update  
        • Add/remove relationship
        • Client lodgment status
        • Client address
        • Client details
    • 15 December 2018
      • Activity statements
      • Reports
        • Electronic funds transfer report
        • Income tax client report
        • Income tax lodgment performance report
        • Activity statement client report
        • Activity statement lodgment report
      • Direct debit
      • Request tax practice management reports

    A timeline depicting the dates that forms will only be available to be lodged through the PLS. Dates and forms are detailed in full above.

    You may already be using the PLS to lodge these forms, reports or services in your software.

    Watch our video about transitioning to the PLS

    Media: Transitioning to the Practitioner lodgment service (PLS) Link (Duration: 1:59)

    We are working in partnership with digital service providers to ensure they can deliver the PLS in your software.

    Your digital service provider will let you know what you need to do to work in the PLS.

    Support for the PLS

    Access the following resources for further support for the PLS.

    See also:

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