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  • Changes to our lodgment services

    PLS – the primary lodgment channel

    We are working in partnership with digital service providers to deliver a Standard Business Reporting (SBR)-enabled practitioner lodgment service (PLS) in your software. The PLS is our main lodgment channel, replacing the electronic lodgment service (ELS).

    The PLS is now your only electronic lodgment channel for 2017 and future year tax returns. Your digital service provider will let you know what you need to do to make the transition to PLS.

    Replacing the ELS

    The transition from ELS to the PLS has been planned to deliver forms to the PLS at agreed milestones. Once these forms have been delivered they will not be available in ELS, and the PLS will be the only channel to lodge them.

    We will maintain the ELS for forms and reports that have not yet transitioned to ensure you have access to an online service. This allows time for you to transition your practice to lodge all returns and statements through SBR-enabled software.

    SBR-enabled software

    Standard Business Reporting (SBRExternal Link) is an Australian Government initiative designed to simplify business-to-government reporting.

    SBR is built into business and accounting software and incorporates standard terms used in government legislation and reporting. SBR-enabled software lets you prepare and lodge reports to government directly from tax and business management software.

    Using SBR-enabled software, you can prepare and lodge your clients' most common government forms directly from your financial, accounting or payroll software.

    You can:

    • prepare and lodge selected electronic forms securely and in real time
    • receive fast confirmation that we have received your lodgment
    • report through a single online channel.

    Practice benefits of SBR-enabled software

    Your SBR-enabled software offers efficiencies in how you manage your clients and practice, including:

    • the ability to make client updates immediately, rather than having to wait overnight
    • the ability to manage client PAYG withholding and GST roles
    • access to pre-fill reports with the most up-to-date information.

    This new technology lays the foundation for significant future opportunities. For example:

    • it makes it easier for you to interact with multiple government agencies or departments, as the information already available through your software can be ‘re-used’ to report to other government agencies
    • digital service providers can build portal services into practice management software, so you won’t need to switch between different systems.

    The transition to PLS

    We understand that the transition to an SBR-enabled practitioner lodgment service may result in unexpected issues that could affect your ability to lodge client forms on time.

    We'll communicate and work with you to ensure you are not unfairly penalised if circumstances outside of your control prevent you from lodging. This may include providing deferrals or remission of penalties that were automatically imposed.

    If PLS system issues prevent you from lodging client forms on time, you can request a PLS deferral. This assistance is available where the issues occur within 48 hours of a lodgment due date.

    In all other circumstances, you should continue to follow normal processes for requesting additional time to lodge or penalty remissions.

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