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  • Practitioner lodgment service – frequently asked questions

    What is Standard Business Reporting?

    Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is the format digital service providers will use in their practice management software packages. Your software will need to use SBR to send reports and data to us and, in the future, for interactions with other government agencies.

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    What is the practitioner lodgment service?

    The practitioner lodgment service (PLS) has replaced the electronic lodgment service (ELS) as the primary lodgment channel. Lodgments made using PLS will need to be made with SBR-enabled software packages.

    Will the Tax Agent and BAS Agent portals be turned off?

    No, we will continue to offer portal services.

    What will SBR-enabled software cost?

    We are not able to comment on what digital service providers will charge for their software products.

    For most practitioners, your current digital service provider will be upgrading your software to be SBR-enabled. They will have more information about whether there will be any additional costs associated with this upgrade.

    However, the ability to lodge to multiple agencies through SBR-enabled software may provide some savings through:

    • a reduction in the amount of time spent reporting separately to different government agencies
    • the potential to simplify your software requirements to a single software package, rather than various products to support your clients.

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    What support will be offered for PLS services?

    You will receive the same support that you receive for ELS. During the early stages of the transition period we are providing extra support to identify and fix any issues.

    The PLS help guide outlines the support and assistance provided when transitioning to, and using, the PLS.

    When will SBR-enabled software be available?

    Some forms are already available to be lodged with SBR-enabled software through the PLS. Digital service providers are testing how the forms and services will work in their software.

    Your digital service provider will let you know when they expect to make SBR-enabled software available to you, and if you need to take any additional steps before you start lodging through the PLS.

    As digital service providers products are certified, we will list them as available products at Link.

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    Will you be turning off ELS?

    We are working with digital service providers to deliver the PLS as your primary electronic lodgment channel.

    This transition has been planned to deliver forms to the PLS at agreed milestones. Once these forms have been delivered they will not be available in the ELS and the PLS will be the only channel to lodge them.

    We will maintain the ELS for forms that have not yet transitioned.

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    How can I lodge prior year returns when ELS is replaced by PLS?

    SBR-enabled software will enable you to lodge prior year forms as normal through the PLS.

    However, we will continue to process these forms for a limited period through the ELS.

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