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  • Complex issue resolution service

    Our complex issue resolution service is available to resolve complex issues you've been unable to resolve online or by phone.

    The service is available to all registered agents, legal practitioners and other intermediaries who represent clients in a professional capacity. The service operates on the understanding that:

    • you haven’t been able to resolve the issue via our standard contact channels
    • if we need to discuss client-specific details, we can talk to you as the client's authorised representative.

    Issues we can help with

    You can use this service for complex administrative issues or tax technical interpretation queries you have been unable to resolve with us online or by phone.

    Issues we can help you with include:

    • administrative issues that are unusual and cannot be resolved by our standard processes
    • complex tax technical issues, for example, where there is an interaction between taxes or a variety of concessions/considerations within a tax.

    We can also provide:

    • general advice about new or changed legislation
    • general help with legal interpretation – where a decision is required around our view.

    If you require binding advice, you can seek a ruling.

    See also:

    This service should not be used to lodge complaints. If you wish to lodge a complaint, refer to Complaints.

    Get it done

    You can submit your query online using the Complex issue resolution form.

    Complex issue resolution form (PDF 634KB)

    If you experience difficulty using the form, send your query to Tax Practitioner with the following information:

    • your registered agent number (RAN) or Australian business number (ABN)
    • your contact details
    • full details of the issue
    • steps you've taken to resolve the issue, including reading information on or the ATO legal database
    • details of the interactions you've already had with the ATO online or via phone or mail.

    Providing these details will help us to respond more quickly to your request.

    How we resolve your issue

    We will acknowledge your enquiry within one working day. We aim to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Administrative issues and complex tax technical queries will take longer to resolve. We will keep you informed of progress.

    Trouble opening this form

    We are aware that some users are having trouble opening and using some forms on our site. While we work to fix the issue, you can still access this form by downloading (saving) the form to your desktop and using it from there. How you download the form to your desktop varies depending on your browser.

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