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  • Getting started

    There are minimum security and computer requirements for using the Tax Agent Portal. To log in, you will need an AUSkey – a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a client.

    AUSkeys ensure the security of your online transactions when using the portal.

    Each user must have their own AUSkey to log in. If you have multiple user accounts in your practice, you should use Access Manager to manage your practice staffs' accesses to functions and records.

    The permissions assigned to your AUSkey through Access Manager will determine which functions you can perform in relation to the client records you can view.

    Changes to your ABN will impact your AUSkey

    If any changes to your tax agent registration lead to a change in your ABN, you must also register a new AUSkey to match the new registration.

    For example, if your ABN:

    • changes and is no longer associated with a current agent registration – your AUSkey will not allow you to access the Tax Agent Portal
    • is cancelled – any associated AUSkeys will also be cancelled.

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