• Pre-filling 2010

    Changes in 2010

    The Pre-filling report 2010 included the following changes.

    Improved 'information' section

    The ‘important information’ section was renamed as ‘other information’ and has been consolidated by moving information previously displayed here into the relevant sections of the report. For example:

    • income or deduction related reminders will appear in those sections
    • all prior year information will be found in the newly created '2008–09 Prior year tax return details' section of the report.

    New sections in the report

    The Pre-filling report 2010 contained the following three new sections:

    • Income test related items – displays data sourced from payment summaries and mapped to two of the new tax return labels
      • IT1 – Total reportable fringe benefits amounts
      • IT2 – Reportable employer superannuation contributions.
    • Net farm management deposits or withdrawals – information previously contained in the 'information' section
    • Prior year income tax return details – this section included
      • occupation code and description
      • spouse as at 30 June (name, sex and date of birth)
      • Medicare levy related items
      • deductions claimed ($300 total cap will be removed in 2010 for deductions claimed in 2009 year)
      • net capital losses carried forward $0
      • rental property address details and the date the property first earned rental income (from the prior years’ rental schedule)
      • rental property incomplete address details (from the prior year’s rental schedule)
      • tax offset reminder messages if an entrepreneurs tax offset (with a value >0) or Landcare and water facility tax offset (with a remaining balance >0) was reported in the immediate prior year return.

    Other new data and messages

    There will be two new advisory messages:

    • Overdue income tax returns – when your client has one or more outstanding tax returns in the immediate prior three years
    • Senior Australians tax offset (SATO) or Pensioner tax offset (PTO) – when your client may be eligible because they satisfy the date of birth requirement.

    Current year deductions, sourced from payment summaries, are now mapped to the following labels:

    • D5 – Union/professional association fees
    • D9 – Workplace giving.

    For more information about prior-year pre-filling reports, see:

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