Share disposals

Details of share disposals are provided to remind taxpayers about possible capital gains tax events and will contain the:

  • company name
  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) code
  • HIN or SRN
  • date of sale
  • number of shares sold
  • number of investors.

The following types of transactions will be included:

  • PRF – Preference shares
  • ORD – Ordinary shares
  • CDI – CHESS – Depository interest transactions.

We are able to display a maximum of 20 share disposals only.

If your client needs the full account details to query an amount with the third-party provider, they can phone us on 13 28 61 for details.

Share buybacks

We will display share holdings where your client participated in a share buyback event that may have resulted in a capital gains event.

Property disposals

Information will not be available for 2013. The limited information provided in earlier years will continue to be available.

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