• Private health insurance policy details

    A majority of clients receive their rebate as reduced premiums from the health funds, while a small number of clients claim their rebate from Medicare. The amounts claimed through the funds will be reported and displayed in the ‘your share of rebate received from the fund’ column.

    Claims processed by Medicare will not be available through the pre-filling service – you will need to refer to your clients’ receipt. More details are available at Private health insurance rebate and Medicare levy surcharge.

    Information will include:

    • health insurer ID and name
    • membership number
    • your share of premiums paid in the financial year – $ value
    • your share of Australian Government rebate received – $ value
    • benefit code = rebate level.

    If private health insurance policy details are not available at the time you request the Pre-filling report 2013, you will need to use the details provided in the Private health insurance statement issued to your client by their funds.

      Last modified: 08 Jul 2016QC 34683