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  • Pre-filling 2013

    Changes in 2013

    The 2013 pre-filling report incorporated changes as a result of new government measures and enhancements resulting from co-design and consultation with tax agents.

    These changes included the following.

    Taxable payments annual reporting

    We will display contractor payment information reported to us by businesses in the building and construction industry in the Taxable payments annual report.

    Medicare levy surcharge and private health insurance

    More detailed information about private health insurance is now pre-filled in line with changes to income testing for the private health insurance rebate and the Medicare levy surcharge.

    Employment termination payment summaries

    Changes to the Employment termination payment summary have triggered the amalgamation of three fields into the new employment termination payment code – representing the type of payment made to the employee.

    If you notice the employment termination payment code is missing from the report, you or your client will need to seek this information from the employer.

    Government payments changes

    The new dad and partner pay is now available to view in the pre-filling report.

    ATO interest

    We are aware of scenarios where the figures provided in the pre-filling report may not suit your clients' circumstances. Details are outlined at Calculating ATO interest and are also accessible via a message and link in the pre-filling report.

    Interest, dividend, and managed fund distributions sections – apportioned amounts

    When there is an investment with more than one investment owner (for example, joint accounts) the gross amount is apportioned according to the number of investors. When there is only one investment owner, the amount displayed in the apportioning field in previous years' pre-filling reports was nil.

    The apportioned amount for one investment owner will now be the same as the gross amount.

    Most sections are now optional

    For several years you have been asking how we can make the pre-filling report shorter without losing any detail – the following changes have been made as a result.

    In previous years, most sections of the report were mandatory. This meant the section heading would display along with the available information, or with a message that ‘no data exists for this section’.

    In the 2013 and subsequent reports, the only mandatory sections are ‘Taxpayer details’ and 'Medicare benefit tax statement' details for T6. All other sections of the report will only display if data is available.

    Sections rearranged

    Sections of the report have been rearranged to align more closely with the way you told us you prepare your clients' tax returns.

    Income summary has been removed

    Previously, this section displayed a summary (totals) of the income and tax-withheld amounts from various sources – itemised details were shown in their relevant sections in the report.

    Feedback indicated this summary was unreliable and often incomplete, so you instead referred to the detailed sections in the report.

    Deduction summary has been removed

    This section displayed a summary of deductible amounts reported on payment summaries and reminders of work-related letters sent to clients during the year.

    To be consistent with the removal of the Income summary section, this section has also been removed.

    Information unique to this section – reminders about work-related letters – has been moved to the renamed ‘ATO-held information’ (formerly ‘Other information’) section.

    Class rulings – existing data, new section

    With the removal of the Income summary, a new section has been created for class rulings. This new section will be adjacent to the 'Share disposals' section.

    Dates referenced as ‘Available for pre-filling’ instead of ‘Received’

    A small number of agents mistakenly thought the ‘Received’ date for some data types related to the date of the payment or event – for example, dividend payments. The date displayed is actually the date the data was available for pre-filling, so the date reference has been changed accordingly to avoid confusion.

    ‘Other information’ section renamed

    Data in this section is all sourced from ATO systems. The section has therefore been renamed ‘ATO-held information’.

    Section headings changed to upper case

    This change will allow agents who print the report in greyscale to differentiate between data sections more easily.

    Note: For information on how to print the report so that it displays the same as on the screen, refer to Printing the pre-filling report.

    Find out more

    For more information about other pre-filling reports, refer to:

    For general information about pre-filling, refer to Pre-filling service - Tax Agent Portal.

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