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  • Payment options

    You can use the portal to amend financial institution account details, view payment options, obtain an electronic funds transfer (EFT) code for your client to pay an account, and print a personalised payment slip.

    Financial institution account details

    We will only pay a tax refund into a recognised financial institution account located in Australia. As required, you can enter, update or delete financial institution account details for any active activity statement roles your clients have.

    The financial institution account provided must be held by one of the following:

    • the client, either solely or jointly
    • you, as the client's registered tax agent
    • a legal practitioner acting as trustee or executor for the client.

    When adding or updating financial institution account details, you must provide:

    • a BSB code - six numbers
    • an account number - between one and nine numbers
    • a full account name - as the name of the entity that the account is held by this must be the name of one of the following
      • the business entity
      • the entity jointly with other entities
      • the registered tax agent of the entity
      • the legal practitioner acting as a trustee or executor for the entity.

    Getting an EFT code

    You can obtain an electronic funds transfer (EFT) code from the portal. The EFT code is supplied by us to enable payments to be made by BPAY®, direct credit or direct debit.

    If you need an EFT code for your client to pay an account by BPAY®, direct credit or direct debit, the portal will automatically calculate one. This code may vary from account to account.

    For assistance locating or identifying the EFT code, phone us between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday on 1800 815 886.

    Payment slips

    Payment slips contain account information and list the various payment options available.

    The payment slip displays in Portable Document Format (PDF) in a new browser window.

    The portal will gather your client's information from our systems and a payment slip will be prepared with their personalised data, excluding the payment dollar ($) value.

    After printing, complete the amount being paid before making the payment.

    If paying at the post office, the barcode must be included and all information displayed below the dotted line is printed on a single page. The payment slip and payment must be presented together.

    Photocopies or faxed copies of payment slips are not accepted by us or Australia Post.

    If you are having difficulties, refer to Browser settings for viewing and printing

    Find out more:

    There is detailed help on payment options on the Tax Agent Portal

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