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  • STP – view payment details

    The 'STP – view payment details' report allows you to:

    • access the report
    • view payment details.

    Accessing the report

    On the Tax Agent Portal home page:

    • enter your client’s tax file number (TFN) or Australian business number (ABN)
    • from the 'Select the client view' drop-down list, select Client reports
    • select the Search button
    • on the 'Your clients – reports' screen, select the STP – view payment details link to view the report.

    View payment details

    The 'STP – view payment details' report allows you to view payment details.

    When the 'STP – view payment details' report has been selected, the 'Income statement' page displays, allowing you to view a list of payroll summaries for the current financial year and the previous financial year.

    There may be multiple summaries. Each summary represents the latest Payroll/Update Event issued by the payer. 

    Each payroll summary will display a status of:

    • year to date
    • finalised.

    The status of each payroll event is determined by whether the payer has finalised the Payroll/ Update Event, and if it is for the current or previous financial year.

    Multiple statements from the same employer from a different branch, or under a different BMS ID or Payroll ID will be displayed as individual records in the table.

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