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  • Adding and removing a client

    You can use the portal to add or remove a client from your client list. You can also update most details for existing clients.

    Incomplete, incorrect or missing data can cause errors, delaying processing. To prevent delay, these details must be the same as the details we have.

    To check a client's details, you can refer to previous correspondence we have sent them.

    Adding a client

    Only add clients after they have authorised you to act on their behalf.

    If another tax or BAS agent has been authorised to represent the client for other roles, you will see their registered agent number (RAN) against that role in Client details - Tax agent details.

    When adding a new client, you will need:

    • the client's name, date of birth, and gender    
      • date of birth and gender are only required when adding individual clients, not business clients
    • the identification numbers for each of the client's roles or accounts you want to add – for example, tax file number (TFN), Australian business number (ABN)
    • to nominate the roles or accounts that your client has authorised you to access – such as income tax, activity statements, excise and fringe benefits tax (FBT)    
      • Selecting 'Income tax' will provide access to view all roles, including the client's activity statement role. If you select additional roles, you will remove the authority another agent may have for your client.

    After you have added the client, go to the Client details function to update the email address, contact details and phone number.

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    Removing a client

    You can remove a client from your client list or end your authorisation for a particular role or account.

    Clients you no longer act for should be promptly removed from your client list.

    Before you remove a client from your client list, you should check other information that may need to be removed and updated. Updating the client information with the last known contact details should prevent us contacting you unnecessarily.

    From the portal Client details screen you can review and update the:

    • business address
    • email address
    • contact details and phone number.

    Clients are removed through the Authorisation summary screen by selecting Remove client.

    When removing a client from your client list, you must also update their postal address to ensure you no longer receive their mail.

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    Email address

    The email address listed against your client's activity statement role is the one we will use to advise when their pre-filled activity statement can be accessed on the portal. This can be your client's email address or your own.

    If you use your email address, you will receive one email listing all the clients whose activity statements were generated for that due lodgment date.

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    Postal addresses for different roles

    You can have different postal addresses for each role. For the activity statement role, you may want to use the client's address. You can then use interaction management to direct where particular classes of correspondence should be sent (either to the client or to your practice address).

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    Unable to add a client

    Some clients cannot be added to your client list immediately using the portal. The client's TFN may be security assessed, or archived.

    A TFN may be archived when:

    • a person has left Australia
    • a person is deceased
    • an account has been inactive for some time.

    If the TFN belongs to a security-assessed client you will need to use the electronic lodgment service Client update form.

    Security-assessed clients include:

    • clients at risk
    • special interest clients (including well-known people)
    • ATO staff
    • contractors and other government employees.

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