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  • Obtaining client lists

    Maintain your client list by adding any new clients and deleting those you no longer represent.

    You can use the client directory to obtain a list of clients with your registered agent number listed on our records.

    • go to Your clients – Directory in the left menu
    • select Show list.

    The list can be sorted by name, tax file number (TFN) or Australian business number (ABN).

    If your client list is too long for one page, you can view the search results by using Previous and Next at the bottom of the page.

    The client directory cannot be printed as a complete client list, but individual pages can be printed.

    Differences in portal and ELS client lists

    There are small differences between the portal and the electronic lodgment service (ELS) client lists.

    • Portal lists are a complete list of client records which have your registered agent number recorded.
    • ELS lists are 'expected lodgment lists'.

    Where you (or a previous tax agent) have notified us that specific clients are unlikely to need to lodge future returns (further return not necessary [FRNN]), the client will no longer appear on your ELS client list. They will still appear on the portal list.

    To check whether this applies to a particular client, you can select the client in the client directory then select Lodgment status - income tax. This will display the current year lodgment status and due date for the client. The status will be shown as 'not necessary' and the due date as 'unknown'. This is to ensure that the client's details are available if they need to lodge a return in the future.

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    FBT client lists

    You can request a fringe benefits tax (FBT) client list through the portal. The list will provide you with all years, due dates and details of late or on-time FBT returns.

    To request an FBT client list, log on to the portal and follow these steps:

    • Select Mail from the left-hand menu
    • Select the mail topic, Fringe benefits tax
    • Select the subject, Agent request for electronic FBT client list
    • In the free text area, type: "FBT client list request"
    • Submit your message.

    You will be issued with a receipt number and a copy of the message will be stored in your MailSent items.

    We will send your FBT client list back through the portal within 28 days.

    Your client list will go to your mail inbox.

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