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  • Business Portal information

    The Business Portal is the gateway to our online service for all business taxpayers. It provides easy and convenient 24-hour access to information and allows practitioners to transact with us in a secure online environment.

    The portal allows insolvency practitioners to access itemised accounts of incapacitated entities. It includes income tax accounts, integrated client accounts and activity statements.

    The portal, a secure website for managing business tax affairs, allows users to:

    • prepare and lodge business activity statements online
    • submit correspondence electronically
    • request refunds online
    • view account balances
    • update details.

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    Access to the Business Portal

    To log in to the Business Portal, you'll need to use myGovID. You must have been previously authorised to access our online services on behalf of your practice in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

    Your credential is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business. It ensures the security and privacy of information when interacting with us via the portal.

    Liquidators and voluntary administrators can manage the tax affairs of insolvent entities they represent. We can only grant portal access to one insolvency practitioner – the current appointed liquidator or administrator – for an insolvent entity.

    New appointments

    To notify us of new appointments you can complete and lodge the form Appointment or cessation of a representative of an incapacitated entity (PDF, 386KB)This link will download a file. You can send your completed form as an attachment to a secure message.

    Go to New message under the Mail menu item in the portal, and then select the Insolvency topic. You will receive confirmation when we grant portal access to the relevant entity.

    The Administrator will then need to:

    • log in to Access Manager
    • select Whose business I have access to
    • select the Australian business number (ABN) of the insolvent entity to view the permissions allocated to the firm
    • select View authorised credential holders
    • select Authorised new credential holder
    • select the desired permissions for each individual user.

    The nominated staff members can then use the portal to manage the incapacitated entity’s accounts.

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    Managing existing appointments

    To manage your existing appointments, you will need to request direct access. This can be done by sending a secure message via the portal.

    Follow the steps below:

    • select New Message
    • select Insolvency
    • select the sub heading relevant to your correspondence
    • attach your excel spreadsheet.

    The spreadsheet should include the following information:

    • the entity’s name and ABN
    • your firm’s ABN to which your myGovID is linked
    • type of appointment.

    Business Portal permissions

    When we give your firm access to an insolvent entity via the portal we set the overall business permissions (usually all) available to the firm. An Administrator can then set the permissions for individuals in your firm at the insolvent entity level, via the 'Whose business I can access' link in Access Manager.

    To ensure your staff only have access to the insolvent entity's records and not your firm's records, there are two separate sets of permissions. One set for your firm and the other for any insolvent entities. An Administrator can manage permissions for the firm.

    Access Manager

    Access Manager is a system for customising access and permissions in the portal. Access Manager provides security and allows the principal authority or authorisation administrator to control access to sensitive tax information of the firm and for any insolvent entities for which portal access has been granted.

    A liquidator or voluntary administrator cannot use Access Manager to appoint themselves to have access to insolvent entity’s records. Access can only be granted by us.

    To delete access in Access manager follow these steps:

    • log into Access manager
    • go to access and permissions
    • select staff members name
    • under Credential holder access Account Status
    • select Remove account.

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