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28/06/2017GST Stewardship Group - Minutes February 2017GST Stewardship Group record of meeting, February 2017
28/06/2017GST Stewardship Group - Minutes May 2017GST Stewardship Group record of meeting, May 2017.
28/06/2017June webcast – recording now availableThe recording of the live Tax professionals webcast on 21 June is now available. It covers tax work-related expenses this tax time, updates on the PLS and maintaining a professional working relationship.
28/06/2017Key superannuation rates and thresholdsThese are the key rates and thresholds that apply in relation to contributions and benefits, employment termination payments, super guarantee and co-contributions.
28/06/2017Overseas repaymentsYou must now repay your higher education loan program and trade support loans if you live overseas and are not an Australian resident for tax purposes.
28/06/2017SMSF statistical report - March 2017The March 2017 quarterly statistical report on SMSFs is now available.
28/06/2017System maintenance during tax timeThis tax time we may have overnight system outages or limited systems functionality at short notice. Find out the maintenance window times and how to stay informed.
28/06/2017Taking time to get your tax rightAssistant Commissioner Kath Anderson is reminding taxpayers to take the time to get their tax return lodged correctly as 1 July approaches.
28/06/2017Tax Time 2017 taking time to get your tax right audio and television grabsThese recordings feature Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson talking about why taxpayers should wait until August to lodge their tax returns.