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24/05/2019Big picturesWe're sharing our big picture on how we work with and for taxpayers, the tax profession, and the superannuation industry.
24/05/2019Dealing with those who cheat the systemFind out how we protect honest businesses and the Australian economy by targeting tax crime.
24/05/2019Not-for-profits: the big pictureWe are making things easier for not-for-profits by improving help and advice products, delivering better online services, and providing tailored engagement.
24/05/2019Small business: the big pictureWe help small business understand their responsibilities and help them comply with the tax and super system through technology, communication and early engagement.
24/05/2019Tax professionals: the big pictureWe work with and for tax professionals to deliver the tax and super system. Find out how we're working with the tax profession.
14/05/2019Self-managed super funds: A statistical overview 2016-2017The annual overview of the self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) sector for 2016–17 provides key statistics and analysis. The data is collected from SMSF annual returns, SMSF registrations and auditor contravention reports.
02/05/2019Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report - March 2019This is a statistical report for the self-managed super fund market for the period up to March 2019.
30/04/2019Current year performanceWe publish information about how we are performing against our commitments to service. By doing so, we honour our commitment to transparent management, accountability for results and client-centred service delivery.