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23/04/2019Tourist refund schemeWe are issuing letters to excessive claimants of the tourist refund scheme (TRS). Whether your client is a business or a traveller, if they participate in the scheme it is important they meet the eligibility requirements.
16/04/2019Claiming deductions for rental properties?Some tax agents are still claiming travel to residential rental properties for their clients. We have a range of guidance products available to help you and your property investor clients get expense claims right.
15/04/2019Business industry codes can changeUse the Business industry code tool to help you check if your clients' business industry codes are still correct.
15/04/2019Company and super fund tax return due datesLodgment due dates for your clients' company and superannuation fund tax returns may vary. You can check online to find out when they are due.
15/04/2019Instant asset write-off increased and extendedThe instant asset write-off has been increased and extended.
15/04/2019New super guarantee measuresFind out about new super laws, an SG employer obligations course, and how they may affect your clients.
09/04/2019Scammers fake ATO phone numbersA recent spate of robocall scams are spoofing genuine ATO phone numbers to display on caller IDs. We will never call you threatening immediate payment or arrest for a tax debt. Find out more on how to spot a scam or what to do if you receive one.
08/04/2019Navigating Online services for agentsLearn how to make your way around the new system and customise it to suit your needs
08/04/2019Prepare for FBT lodgmentsIt's time to prepare to meet your clients fringe benefits tax (FBT) obligations. Request a FBT client list to check your clients are listed and who needs to lodge.
05/04/2019Early Intervention ProgramLeveraging the full scope of our data and analytics, we take a holistic approach to identifying tax agents at risk. We engage early to provide support and education to reduce the number of agents who are at risk of becoming a concern in the future.
05/04/2019FBT issues on our radarAs another fringe benefits tax (FBT) year begins, we tell you about the FBT issues on our radar, so you can help your clients avoid costly mistakes.
02/04/2019Join our live webcast - 11 AprilOur next live Tax professionals conversations webcast is on Thursday 11 April 2019. We will cover the latest on Online services for agents, Single Touch Payroll and more.
02/04/2019New GST regulationsNew regulations take effect from 1 April 2019. Some regulations have been remade with minor changes that don't affect their substantive meaning or operation.
02/04/2019Online services for agents is hereAll tax and BAS agents can now access Online services for agents. Find out what is being said about the new improved system, and how you can give us feedback during the public beta.
02/04/2019Tax professionals conversations webcastsTax professionals conversations is our series of webcasts for the tax profession. Join the livestream sessions or watch recordings after the events to hear about various topics relevant to you, your practice and your clients.
01/04/2019Foreign exchange ratesList of daily, monthly and annual foreign exchange rates. Updated to include daily and monthly rates for March 2019.
01/04/2019Key changesInformation about key features available in Online services for agents.
01/04/2019Public betaInformation about Online services for agents public beta.
29/03/2019Practitioner lodgment serviceThe practitioner lodgment service (PLS) is the channel that allows you to lodge your clients' forms, reports and access services electronically.
26/03/2019ATO Online Terms and Conditions updateATO Online Terms and Conditions are changing from 1 June 2019. Your clients will be notified and they can choose whether to accept the Terms and Conditions, or unlink their myGov account from the ATO.
26/03/2019Tax changes for businessesLet your small business clients know how recent tax changes including tax rates, write-off thresholds and tax concessions may benefit them.
25/03/2019AUSkey replacement comingAUSkey will be retired in 2020. Find out about its replacements – myGovID and the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).
25/03/2019Bulk ABN cancellationsWe are helping to maintain the integrity of the Australian Business Register by cancelling your clients' inactive Australian business numbers (ABNs). Discover how this may affect your clients.
25/03/2019Lodging deductions dataWe will receive line entry deductions data for 2019 individual tax returns lodged via the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).