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25/06/2019ATO puts the brakes on dodgy car claimsThe ATO is making work-related car expenses a key focus again during Tax Time 2019. This follows warnings by the ATO last year that work-related car expenses would face greater scrutiny.
25/06/2019Correction to overdue lodgment emailsIf your clients had income tax returns with a due date of 15 May, we consider them to be lodged on time if you lodged by 11 June 2019.
25/06/2019Income and deductions for businessThis information has been refreshed. Most income received from carrying on a business is assessable for tax purposes. You can claim deductions for expenses and may be eligible for concessions, offsets and rebates.
25/06/2019Protecting honest businessWe protect honest businesses and identify those who gain an unfair advantage by not meeting all their tax and superannuation obligations.
25/06/2019Record keeping for capital expensesThis page outlines ATO record-keeping requirements for uniform capital allowances (UCA) for general depreciating assets, low value pools and rollover relief.
25/06/2019TPAR obligations now onlineYou can now see your clients' Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) obligations, lodge and amend reports using Online services for agents.
24/06/20192019 CRS reports due 31 JulyCommon Reporting Standard (CRS) reports for your Reporting Financial Institutions clients are due 31 July.
24/06/2019Assessable incomeThis information has been refreshed. Most income from carrying on your business is assessable for income tax purposes with some exclusions, depending on a range of factors including your accounting method.
24/06/2019DeductionsThis information has been refreshed. You can claim a tax deduction for most expenses you incur in carrying on your business as long as they directly relate to earning your assessable income.
24/06/2019Deductions for motor vehicle expensesThe deductions you can claim for motor vehicle expenses depends on your business structure, the type of vehicle, and how the vehicle is used.
24/06/2019Deductions for travel expensesThis information has been refreshed. You can claim a tax deduction for expenses you incur travelling for your business. There are special record-keeping rules for claiming expenses you incur when travelling overnight.
24/06/2019GST at settlement - relying on supplier informationIf your clients are buying new residential property let them know they can rely on information from suppliers (vendors) provided they act reasonably on the information they have.
24/06/2019Help coming to you this tax timeThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is helping taxpayers to get their tax returns right through pop-up shops and the Tax Help program.
24/06/2019Incorrect bank account details and electronic refundsFrom 1 July to 30 November 2019 we will send SMS text messages to your clients if incorrect bank account details were included in their tax return and they are entitled to a refund.
24/06/2019Proposed changes to low and middle income tax offsetProposed changes to the new low and middle income tax offset are currently before parliament. Once the changes are law, we will automatically amend your clients' processed 2018–19 income tax returns.
24/06/2019Verify or report a scamBe wary of unexpected contacts claiming to be from the ATO. They could be scams designed to trick you into paying money or providing personal information.
24/06/2019Whats new in ATO online for SMSF membersFind out what new features self-managed super funds (SMSFs) can access and view on myGov/ATO Online. SMSF members can now see their employer contributions.
21/06/2019ATO tip-off line runs hot as record numbers of businesses report cash jobsThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) today announced that it has received nearly double the amount of referrals from the community about tax evasion compared to the same time last financial year. The ATO received nearly 60,000 reports of suspected tax evasion, the black economy or illegal phoenix activity from 1 July 2018 to 31 May 2019, which is a 42% increase on the volume of referrals in the same time period in the previous financial year. While not all referrals result in an audit, they help build a more complete view of risk and help us determine if any further action is required.
21/06/2019Expressions of interest for APRA Fund consultation groupsAdvising funds of a refresh to APRA funds consultation groups and expression of interest being undertaken for membership.
21/06/2019New resources from the ACNCThe Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has recently released a series of new resources and guidance materials for charities.
21/06/2019Queensland chef convicted for cooking up fraudulent claimsA 27-year-old Crestmead chef was convicted of three criminal offences for fraudulently claiming travel and clothing expenses as work-related deductions as well as claiming fraudulent charity donations in her 2016 to 2018 financial year income tax returns.
21/06/2019Say I do to super this tax timeThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is encouraging all Australians to commit to growing their retirement savings this tax time.
21/06/2019Super online services - June deployment updateA summary of ATO online services and functionality improvements deployed in June 2019.
20/06/2019APRA funds-starting and stopping a super income stream (pension)Information about issues APRA-regulated fund trustees need to consider when a super income stream starts or stops.
20/06/2019CRT Alert 035/2019 - Annual member accounts transaction service reporting for grandfathered accounts (2018-2019 financial year)Information regarding annual member account transaction service (MATS) reporting for grandfathered accounts (2018-2019 financial year).
20/06/2019FBTFringe benefits tax (FBT) rates and thresholds for the 2017–18 to 2019–20 FBT years.
20/06/2019New taxation ruling on religious practitioners and FBTWe’ve recently released a new ruling about the requirements for FBT exemption for benefits provided to religious practitioners.
19/06/20192019 SMSF annual return - guidance on new labelsGuidance on completing the new labels on the 2019 Self-managed super fund (SMSF) annual return.
19/06/2019ABNs - Do you know fact from fiction?A short video series to help business know fact from the fiction when it comes to Australian business numbers (ABNs)
19/06/2019Applying for Commonwealth Government contractsIf you tender for Commonwealth Government contracts over $4 million, you may need a statement of tax record from us.