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15/11/2019Lost and unclaimed super by postcodeThe following data provides a breakdown of the lost and unclaimed super by location as at 30 June 2019.
15/11/2019Small business CGT concessions - shares and trust interestsThere are additional conditions to access small business CGT concessions for shares in a company or interests in a trust.
15/11/2019Super processing schedules: December 2019 and January 2020ATO superannuation remittance and recovery processing schedules for December 2019 and January 2020.
15/11/2019The race is on to find $20.8 billion in superNew ATO data shows that there is over $20.8 billion in lost and unclaimed super across Australia.
14/11/2019ATO-held superATO-held super includes amounts paid to us by employers, super funds, retirement savings accounts or the government on your behalf that needs to go into your super.
14/11/2019Bushfires November 2019If you have been affected by the bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland, find out about the support available to you.
14/11/2019Current SMS and email activitiesWe use SMS and emails for promotional and informational purposes. If you receive an SMS or email claiming to be from us, you can check our list of current activities to verify that it's genuine.
14/11/2019Early access to your superThere are very limited circumstances when you can access your super early and are mainly related to specific medical conditions or severe financial hardship.
14/11/2019Open consultationYou can participate in our open consultation. We encourage you to have your say.
14/11/2019September 2019 ATO impersonation scam reportThe September 2019 ATO impersonation scam report provides a snapshot of the scam intelligence we received and the mitigation strategies we employed this month.
13/11/2019Carbon sink forestsClaiming a deduction for the expenses of establishing a carbon sink forest.
13/11/2019Due date for transfer balance cap correspondence before the Christmas periodTransfer balance cap correspondence issuing with a due date during the Christmas/New Year period.
12/11/2019ATO consultation reportMonthly report on ATO consultation.
12/11/2019Advice under development - international issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following international issues.
12/11/2019RTP extension consultation paper feedbackFeedback received on the Expansion of the Reportable Tax Position Schedule to large private companies and corporate groups consultation paper.
12/11/2019Tax Time 2019 rolls on2019 has been a year of change for you and your clients. We value the role you play in the tax and super systems, helping your clients understand and meet their obligations, and contributing to a successful tax time this year.
11/11/2019Common errors made by individuals that concern usThe ATO alerts individual taxpayers and their agents to common errors, like incorrect deductions for work-related expenses and rental properties, and provides information to avoid them.
11/11/2019Do your clients hire contractors?Employers can be caught out with penalties and charges if they misclassify their workers. Help your clients decide if their contractors are actually employees.
11/11/2019Expansion of the Tax Avoidance Taskforce for private groupsThe Tax Avoidance Taskforce has been expanded to give the community confidence that private groups and high wealth individuals pay the right amount of tax.
11/11/2019Increased use of contractors over the holidays may lead to TPAR reportingIn the lead up to the holiday season, some of your clients may use more courier or cleaning contractors, and therefore may need to lodge a Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) in August 2020. Check if this applies to your clients in businesses like retail and event management who pay contractors for cleaning and courier services.
11/11/2019Individuals and the PAYG withholding system in operationMost individual taxpayers in Australia pay tax to the ATO during the year through pay as you go (PAYG) withholding from salary and wages. This information provides details of the PAYG withholding system in operation for individuals not in business.
11/11/2019Unclaimed superTwice a year, you report and pay to us unclaimed super of members aged 65 years or older, non-member spouses and deceased members, unclaimed super of former temporary residents, small lost member accounts, insoluble lost member accounts and inactive low-balance accounts.
11/11/2019We measure community perceptions and the level of willing participationThe ATO relies on a range of performance indicators to measure the health of the tax system. Our measures offer insights into risks and opportunities, and fairness targets to foster willing participation.
11/11/2019What we do with your feedbackHow you can provide feedback about Online services for agents, what we do with your feedback and upcoming changes.
11/11/2019Work Christmas parties and giftsUnwrapping fringe benefits tax (FBT) this festive season. The FBT implications of providing Christmas parties and gifts.
08/11/2019E-invoicing provides greater benefits for businessLast week, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) was established as the Australian Peppol Authority. This is a significant step that will improve the payment experience for Australian businesses.
07/11/2019Family trusts - concessionsConcessional treatment applies to some transactions where trusts have validly elected to become family trusts.
07/11/2019Landmark case for ATO strips phoenix enabling liquidator of his registrationToday the Federal Court disqualified Sydney man Mr David Iannuzzi from practising as a registered liquidator for a period of 10 years.
07/11/2019Making an election to release money from superIf you have a Division 293 tax liability, you have the option to pay by releasing money from super. This page shows how to complete your election forms online.
07/11/2019Tax in a Transparent WorldJeremy Hirschhorn, Second Commissioner, Client Engagement, gave this keynote address at The Australian Financial Review CFO Live 2019 in Sydney about Tax in a Transparent World.