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26/11/2021ATO podcast - ArabicOur podcasts are an easy way to keep updated with tax and super information - Arabic version.
26/11/2021ATO podcast - KoreanOur podcasts are an easy way to keep updated with tax and super information - Korean version.
26/11/2021ATO podcast - MandarinOur podcasts are an easy way to keep updated with tax and super information - Mandarin version.
26/11/2021ATO podcast - VietnameseOur podcasts are an easy way to keep updated with tax and super information - Vietnamese version.
26/11/2021Current year performanceWe publish information about how we are performing against our commitments to service. By doing so, we honour our commitment to transparent management, accountability for results and client-centred service delivery.
26/11/2021Re-contribution of COVID-19 early release super amountsIndividuals can now re-contribute amounts they withdrew under the COVID-19 early release of super program.
26/11/2021Register of SMSF messaging providersThis register lists self-managed super fund (SMSF) messaging providers who can provide an electronic service address (alias).
25/11/2021Loss carry back tax offset tool now availableThe new LCB tax offset tool can help you make your LCB claim.
25/11/2021Scam alertsInformation and examples on the latest tax-related ATO impersonation scams. Be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages claiming to be from the ATO.
24/11/2021Avoiding common errors in MAAS and MATS reportingCommon reporting issues have been identified as part of our recent assurance campaign. Check to see how you can appropriately meet your reporting obligations.
24/11/2021Contractor stapled super fund request formA form to request stapled super fund details for a contractor
24/11/2021Draft legislative instrument extending COVID-19 rental deferral relief now available for consultationWe have released a draft legislative instrument for consultation extending the COVID-19 rental deferral relief for in-house assets to cover the 2021-22 income year.
24/11/2021Eligibility for the tax offsetYou must meet the eligibility requirements to choose to carry back the loss and claim the tax offset.
24/11/2021How to claim the tax offsetIf you're an eligible corporate entity, find out if you can claim a refundable tax offset for tax losses you made in the 2019–20 to 2021–22 income years.
24/11/2021JobMaker Plan temporary measuresTemporary measures and tax incentives have been introduced to support businesses through the economic impacts of COVID-19 for 2020–21 and 2021–22.
24/11/2021Loss carry back tax offset tool now availableYou can now use the new loss carry back (LCB) tax offset tool to help you determine your eligibility, calculate the maximum amount of tax offset you can claim and help complete the LCB labels in your company tax return correctly.
24/11/2021Request stapled super fund details for employeesAs of 1 November 2021, most employers will need to request stapled super fund details from us for new employees that don't choose a super fund.
24/11/2021Supporting your small businessTax time essentials, learning resources, tools and services to support small business.
24/11/2021Working out the tax offsetLoss carry back provides a refundable tax offset, which means you may be able to reduce the amount of tax you're liable to pay to zero, reduce a debt you owe us or receive a cash refund.
23/11/2021Appoint your trusteesAll trustees and directors of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) must consent to their appointment and sign a declaration within 21 days.
23/11/2021Challenges and opportunities for a new decade in tax administration

Commissioner’s address to the 14th International ATAX Conference on Tax Administration.

23/11/2021Early engagement for adviceYou can request an early engagement discussion if you are seeking advice for a complex transaction you are considering, or have implemented.
23/11/2021Super clearing house end-of-year datesDecember payments processing times and upcoming payment due dates.
22/11/2021Contributions you can acceptWhile mandated employer contributions can always be accepted by your SMSF, acceptance of non-mandated contributions depends on a range of conditions.
22/11/2021Electronic service addressTo receive SuperStream data from employers and other funds, your SMSF needs an electronic service address (alias), which you can get from an SMSF messaging provider.
22/11/2021Inform employers of SMSF detailsTo make SuperStream compliant contributions, employers need the e-commerce details of their employees' SMSFs. If the employer doesn't have all the details to send contributions electronically, they can ask the employee to complete a Superannuation standard choice form.
22/11/2021SMSF SuperStream FAQsFrequently asked questions about SuperStream and the impacts on SMSFs.
19/11/2021Contractor - checklistUse this checklist to meet your tax and super obligations when you hire contractors.
19/11/2021Contribution capsThe contribution caps limit the amount that can be contributed for a member each financial year. The caps are indexed annually.
19/11/2021Director penalty regimeAs a director, you must ensure your company complies with its tax and super obligations. Failure to do so will result in a personal liability.