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12/10/2020Clarification on reporting death benefit rollovers and paying death benefits after a rolloverThis article provides clarification to superannuation providers regarding their obligations when reporting death benefit rollovers.
12/10/2020Refresh ABN detailsAs the risk of natural disasters increases at this time of year, your clients should check their Australian business number (ABN) details are current and refresh them if needed. Emergency services and government agencies can use ABN details to provide help to your clients in times of emergency.
12/10/2020SAN misuse mailout completedIn early September 2020 we commenced the SAN misuse mailout for the 2019 income year. This has now been completed.
12/10/2020Troubleshooting STP reportingTroubleshooting information for Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting.
12/10/2020USM technical receipts and correct use of PRNsChanges have been implemented as per the Data and Payment Standards PRNs within a 12-month period in different USM data messages.
09/10/2020Are you ready for your final boost?From 1 October, the final cash flow boost instalment will be credited when you lodge your activity statement, if you are eligible.
09/10/2020JobMaker PlanThe Government has announced, as part of the 2020 Budget, the JobMaker Plan as a key element of its Economic Recovery Plan for Australia. Several proposed measures will be managed by the ATO if law is passed.
09/10/2020Reporting asset disposals for CGTWe are paying close attention to capital gains made on shares, property and cryptocurrency. Remind your clients to report asset disposals to help get their capital gains tax (CGT) right.
09/10/2020Request to extend time to make minimum yearly repayments for COVID-19 affected borrowers under section 109RDRequest to extend time to make minimum yearly repayments for COVID-19 affected borrowers under section 109RD if unable to pay owing to circumstances beyond your control.
09/10/2020Scam alertsCheck for the latest tax-related scam alerts. Be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages claiming to be from the ATO. Verify a scam online or phone us on 1800 008 540.
08/10/2020Decline in turnover testsATO information on how to you can satisfy the decline in turnover tests.
08/10/2020Next 5,000 program in 2020-21Information about this year's Next 5,000 Program Streamlined Assurance Reviews. See our website for how to prepare for a review.
07/10/2020Claiming September JobKeeper PaymentsYou need to make a business monthly declaration between 1 and 14 October for JobKeeper fortnights ending in September 2020.
07/10/2020Claiming September JobKeeper paymentsEmployers have until 14 October to lodge a business monthly declaration for JobKeeper payments made in September.
07/10/2020Partnerships, trusts and companiesATO information about the JobKeeper business participation entitlement that may apply to other entities (such as partnerships, trusts and companies).
07/10/2020Planned consultationDetails of planned consultation and consultation we're considering.
07/10/2020Quarterly TBAR due 28 OctoberIf you report your members' transfer balance account (TBA) on a quarterly basis, your next transfer balance account report (TBAR) is due on 28 October 2020.
07/10/2020SGE penalties extended to subsidiary entitiesSignificant global entity (SGE) penalties have been extended to subsidiary entities of tax consolidated or multiple entry consolidated (MEC) groups.
07/10/2020Sole tradersATO information about the JobKeeper Payment scheme for sole traders.
07/10/2020Swiss Confederation MOU on tax treaty arbitrationThe Swiss Confederation memorandum of understanding outlines the arbitration process for unresolved issues under the mutual agreement procedure.
07/10/2020Updates to tax withholding schedulesThe ATO stands ready to implement the measures announced in the 2020 Federal Budget.
06/10/2020Avoid common lodgment deferral errorsFollow our tips to avoid common errors that slow down our processing of lodgment deferral requests. This will help us respond to your deferral requests as quickly as possible.
06/10/2020Non-lodgment advice for business clientsIf your client has an active Australian business number (ABN) at any time during a financial year and they are operating a business, they must lodge an income tax return. Read about when you can and cannot submit non-lodgment advices for your clients.
06/10/2020Payment ratesEntitlement to tier 1 and tier 2 rates as well as the 80-hour threshold.
06/10/2020Religious institutionsIf you are a religious institution, you can qualify for the JobKeeper payment if you pay a minister of religion or a full-time member of a religious order who is not an employee, to perform religious activities.
06/10/2020Straight from the source - October 2020Assistant Commissioner, Jennifer Moltisanti talks about connections and the impact NFPs, such as community sheds, have on ordinary Australians.
06/10/2020System maintenance delivers new enhancementsWe made some improvements to our systems during our scheduled quarterly maintenance that were developed based on your feedback. Find out about some improvements to Online services for agents, and benefits of the latest version of the myGovID app for name matching and verifying identity.
05/10/20202020 completed issuesThis page displays a list of completed public advice and guidance issues for the 2020 year.
05/10/2020Advice under development - GST issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following GST issues.
05/10/2020Advice under development - administration issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following administration issues.