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25/02/2021Open consultationYou can participate in our open consultation. We encourage you to have your say.
25/02/2021We are contacting SMSFs with outstanding SARsIf you have outstanding self-managed super fund (SMSF) annual returns (SARs) you may receive a letter from us.
24/02/2021Advice under development - income tax issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following income tax issues.
24/02/2021Changes to STP reporting from 1 JulyChanges to Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting for small employers with closely held payees and quarterly reporting for micro employers start from 1 July 2021. If you haven't started reporting through STP, start as soon as possible.
24/02/2021First criminal conviction for JobKeeper fraudMr Raed Saleh has been convicted of three counts of making a false and misleading statement in order to receive JobKeeper payments to which he was not entitled.
24/02/2021Planned consultationDetails of planned consultation and consultation we're considering.
24/02/2021R&D tax incentive - registrations podcastBrett Challans from the ATO joins Kelly Wiggins from DISER to discuss the R&D tax incentive registration process and common mistakes companies make.
23/02/2021Avoid these top five errors in your SMSF annual returnAvoid these common mistakes when lodging your SMSF annual return.
23/02/2021Deductions for unrecoverable income (bad debts)Information about income that cannot be recovered (or a 'bad debt') and how to write off a debt as bad.
23/02/2021FATCA news and updatesNews and updates for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporters.
23/02/2021Next 5,000 tax performance programThe Next 5,000 program provides assurance to the community that these groups are paying the right amount of tax.
22/02/2021Child Care Subsidy recipient's reminder to lodge 2018-2019 tax returnsChild Care Subsidy recipients and their partners must lodge their outstanding 2018-19 Individual tax returns by 31 March 2021 or they may lose their benefits.
22/02/2021Current year performanceWe publish information about how we are performing against our commitments to service. By doing so, we honour our commitment to transparent management, accountability for results and client-centred service delivery.
22/02/2021Demographics of large corporate groupsThis page gives an overview of the demographics of large corporate groups in Australia.
22/02/2021Family trusts - concessionsConcessional treatment applies to some transactions where trusts have validly elected to become family trusts.
22/02/2021Record keeping - helps you get it rightIt will take you about five minutes to read our article and watch our short video on record keeping for self-managed super funds. Read on.
22/02/2021The OECD four pillars of complianceThe OECD four pillars of compliance are registration, lodgment, correct reporting and on-time payments. Our focus for large corporate groups is correct reporting obligations.
19/02/20212021 completed issuesThis page will display a list of completed public advice and guidance issues for the 2021 year.
19/02/2021Advice under development - GST issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following GST issues.
19/02/2021Advice under development - excise issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following excise issues.
19/02/2021Advice under development - superannuation issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following superannuation issues.
19/02/2021Capital allowances: draft effective lives of assets in horse training (racing) industryInterested parties can comment on the draft list of effective lives of assets used in the horse training (racing) industry until 12 March 2021.
19/02/2021Scammers playing the saviours in new schemeThe ATO is warning about a spike in automated scam calls impersonating the ATO.
19/02/2021Webinars for large super fundsOur webinar program for large superannuation funds helps you with your reporting and compliance obligations.
18/02/2021Commissioner's address - Self-Managed Superannuation Association National Conference 18 February 2021Commissioner's address at the Self-Managed Superannuation Association (SMSFA) National Conference, 16 February 2021 providing an update on issues facing the SMSF sector and the ATO's relationship with the SMSFA
18/02/2021SAN misuseSAN misuse occurs when someone incorrectly enters your SAN or audit completion date in an SMSF annual return.
18/02/2021SuperMatch annual statement of compliance due 28 February 2021Annual confirmation of ongoing compliance with SuperMatch terms and conditions of use is due by 28 February 2021.
16/02/2021Appoint an SMSF auditorYou must appoint an approved SMSF auditor to audit your fund each year, not later than 45 days before you need to lodge your SMSF annual return.
16/02/2021Expansion of Single Touch PayrollThe data collected through Single Touch Payroll (STP) will be expanded from 1 January 2022.
16/02/2021Lodge SMSF annual returnsYou need to lodge an annual return once the audit of your SMSF has been finalised. The SMSF annual return is used to report income tax, regulatory information and member contributions, and to pay the supervisory levy.