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16/09/2020How the JobKeeper payment affects income support paymentsThe JobKeeper payment is treated as income for the purposes of social security payments.
16/09/2020JobKeeper overpaymentsWhat to do if you have received a JobKeeper overpayment that you (or your employees) were not eligible for.
16/09/2020Keeping JobKeeper payment fairWe are undertaking a range of compliance activities to maintain the integrity of the JobKeeper Payment.
16/09/2020Lost member reporting obligationsYou are required to assess the lost status of your members and report any changes to us biannually, at a minimum.
16/09/2020Member ILBA election requirementsMembers must now make an election directly to their fund to have their account not treated as an inactive low balance account (ILBA).
16/09/2020Tax Time support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleThe ATO continues to see increased demand for the dedicated and tailored support provided each year to make tax and super as easy as possible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
16/09/2020Turnover test for universitiesHow do universities that are Table A providers within the meaning of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 satisfy the decline in turnover tests.
16/09/2020Your eligible employeesInformation for employers about which employees are eligible to receive the JobKeeper payment.
15/09/2020Are you aware of our SMSF voluntary disclosure service?If your SMSF had a regulatory contravention which you have not been able to rectify, you are eligible to use our voluntary disclosure service.
15/09/2020Lodging in October? Check your auditor's details carefullyWhen lodging your SAR, ensure you are entering your auditor's details correctly.
14/09/2020Deductions for vacant landIf your clients hold vacant land and intend to build a rental property, remind them they are no longer able to claim deductions for the cost of holding the vacant land until the property is available for rent. Find out when exceptions apply.
14/09/2020Eligible business participants for JobKeeperCheck if your business can claim the JobKeeper Payment for an eligible business participant.
14/09/2020Large business JobKeeper compliance updateWe remain committed to supporting large businesses receiving JobKeeper. If you've made an honest mistake or are experiencing difficulties, we will help fix the error and assist you.
14/09/2020Lodgment deferral tipsFollow our tips to help us ensure deferral requests for your clients are processed without delay.
14/09/2020New review for Top 1,000 taxpayersWe will be commencing our combined assurance program for Australia's Top 1,000 tax population.
14/09/2020Streamlined support for SMSFs issued a commutation authorityStreamlined support is available for SMSFs and their agents who have been issued a commutation authority. This service will be available until November 2020.
11/09/2020ATO and CPA podcast - September 2020ATO and CPA podcast for self-managed super fund auditors which discusses the implications of the restructured Code of Ethics and auditor independence matters.
11/09/2020Cash flow boost tax time essentialsThe essentials when lodging your return this tax time if you've received a cash flow boost.
11/09/2020DGR tableDGR table of categories able to obtain DGR endorsement.
11/09/2020Lodge your TPAR if your business has paid contractorsTPAR were due on 28 August, if you haven't lodged, we have resources available to help you.
11/09/2020Super processing scheduleATO superannuation remittance and recovery processing schedule for September and October 2020.
11/09/2020Varying pay as you go instalmentsHelp your clients affected by COVID-19 manage their income tax payments by varying their pay as you go (PAYG) instalments.
10/09/2020Disclosure requirements in Question 49 of the International Dealings ScheduleEnsure your business is meeting disclosure requirements in the international dealings schedule (IDS) instructions, including full details in Question 49 of Section G Hybrid mismatches.
10/09/2020Four things your SMSF needs to know about newly built homesFind out what you need to know if your SMSF is thinking about adding newly built homes to their portfolio.
10/09/2020GST and newly built homesHere's what you need to know if you have built a new residential home and want to sell it or rent it out.
10/09/2020Planned consultationDetails of planned consultation and consultation we're considering.
10/09/2020Top 1,000 combined assurance programWe assure the income tax and goods and services tax (GST) affairs of Australia's Top 1,000 population.
09/09/2020ATO consultation reportMonthly report on ATO consultation.
08/09/2020Help us redesign our homepageTell us what you think of our proposed homepage design and the look and feel by participating in our survey.
08/09/2020Superannuation guarantee amnestyThe super guarantee amnesty ended 7 September 2020. You will need to lodge a SG charge statement disclosing any unpaid super and pay the guarantee charge to us.