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24/09/2019Get PAYG withholding obligations right to claim a deductionThe rules around claiming deductions for payments to workers have changed. Employers that don’t meet their PAYG withholding obligations can no longer claim these payments next tax time.
24/09/2019Have you lodged your TPAR?A reminder that TPAR was due on 28 August, so if you haven’t lodged it is now overdue. Plus, tips to avoid TPAR errors.
24/09/2019Help for NFP administratorsIf you’re the administrator of a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation, there are a few things you should know about tax and super that we can help explain.
24/09/2019Making a car available to employees for private useYour organisation may be liable for fringe benefits tax if it makes a car available to its employees for private use, even if they don't actually use it.
24/09/2019Tax inVoice: Public advice and guidance productsTune in to our latest episode of the Tax inVoice podcast.
23/09/2019CRT Alert 046/2019 - Recent trustee communication about decommissioning AUSkey and transition to myGOVIDAdvice that we've written to trustees about decommissioning AUSkey in March 2020 and the transition to myGOVID.
23/09/2019Draft ATO guidance on proposed estimates regime expansionProvide your feedback by 4 October on draft PCG 2019/D4 for the proposed expansion of the estimates regime to GST, LCT and WET.
23/09/2019Tax Integrity - enhancing the integrity of concessions in relation to partnershipsOn 8 May 2018, the Government announced that partners in partnerships who alienate their income by creating, assigning or otherwise dealing in rights to the future income of a partnership will no longer be able to access the small business CGT concessions in relation to these rights.
23/09/2019Unclaimed money, lost member and inactive low-balance account reporting obligations webinarThis document provides a copy of the Unclaimed money, lost member and inactive low-balance account reporting obligations webinar held August 2019 and answers to some common questions.
20/09/2019Have you used the margin scheme correctly?Familiarise yourself with the margin scheme before selling property, to determine your eligibility to use the scheme and ensure the law is applied correctly.
20/09/2019SMSF measures awaiting royal assentTreasury Laws Amendment (2018 Superannuation Measures No.1) Bill 2019 was passed by parliament on 19 September. Find out what this means for your SMSF.
20/09/2019Serious Financial Crime TaskforceThe Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) is a joint-agency taskforce dedicated to tackling the most serious and complex financial crime.
19/09/2019First Home Super Saver SchemeThe First home super saver (FHSS) scheme allows people to save money for their first home inside their superannuation fund.
18/09/2019Changes to how you notify us of your SMSF detailsThe way you need to advise us of your SMSF's financial institution account (FIA) or electronic service address (ESA) has changed.
18/09/2019Employee share trust TD 2019/D8 open for public consultationWe are consulting on draft Taxation Determination TD 2019/D8 which clarifies the requirements that must be met by a trust to qualify as an employee share trust for an employee share scheme.
18/09/2019GST changes for offshore suppliers of Australian accommodationFrom 1 July 2019, suppliers of Australian commercial accommodation must include GST in their sales if they meet the GST threshold.
18/09/2019Taxation Ruling TR 2019/4Taxation Ruling TR 2019/4: Income tax: capital allowances: expenditure incurred by a service provider in collecting and processing multi-client seismic data.
18/09/2019We want to hear from super fund employeesWe're seeking feedback on how we can improve our service by asking you to complete a brief survey, open till 2 October 2019.