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12/12/2018CRT Alert 087/2018 - MAAS and MATS reporting via the Business PortalMAAS and MATS reporting form available in the Business Portal from December.
10/12/2018Highlights: SMSF quarterly statistical report September 2018Read the highlights from our September 2018 quarterly statistical report on self-managed super funds (SMSFs).
10/12/2018Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report - September 2018This is a statistical report for the self-managed super fund market for the period up to September 2018.
07/12/2018CRT Alert 086/2018 - Transfer balance cap: Commissioners commutation authoritiesNotification of Transfer balance cap - Commissioners commutation authorities reporting issues and a webinar being held in January 2019 to help members understand the commutation process.
07/12/2018Reciprocal auditing arrangementsReciprocal auditing arrangements raise independence concerns and will be subject to increased scrutiny.
06/12/2018How your SMSF is regulatedAs a key regulator of SMSFs, the ATO can help you understand the role of trustee. You may also need to deal with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.
04/12/2018Implications of the Aussiegolfa Pty Ltd v Federal Comissioner of Taxation caseOur view on the implications of the decision in the case of Aussiegolfa Pty Ltd v Federal Commissioner of Taxation.
04/12/2018Register of SMSF messaging providersA register of SMSF messaging providers that can help SMSF trustees meet their SuperStream obligations by providing an electronic service address (alias).
30/11/2018Employers not paying super? Talk to usIf a super fund has reason to believe an employer is not meeting their superannuation guarantee (SG) obligations they can report this to the ATO after first contacting the employer.
28/11/2018Are you an SMSF auditor? Use our dedicated support serviceFind out how to access the Super Professional-to-Professional support service for auditors.
28/11/2018Lost super campaignInformation about our targeted digital advertising campaign on lost and unclaimed super.
28/11/2018Super processing schedules: Dec 2018 - Jan 2019ATO superannuation remittance and recovery processing schedules for December 2018 and January 2019.
28/11/2018What does the future hold for SMSFs?The ATO participated in a thought leadership panel - 'The five year evolution: what's the next frontier for SMSF's?' at the SMSF Association's SMSF Week.
27/11/2018CRT Alert 083/2018 - Expected increase in ECC determinationsExcess concessional contributions (ECC) determinations will commence issuing following the scheduled system upgrades.
27/11/2018CRT Alert 084/2018 - Structured settlement contributions for the MATSUpdates to the MATS Transition Handbook for the back reporting of structured settlement contributions.
27/11/2018CRT Alert 085/2018 - Single Touch Payroll live webcastInvitation for APRA funds to attend our Single Touch Payroll live webcast.
27/11/2018Improving our superannuation web contentInforming funds about changes we're making to our online content to help improve the audience experience.
27/11/2018We want to hear from super fund employeesWe are seeking input from Superannuation industry employees on how they interact with our products and services.
26/11/2018Super housing measures updateFirst home super saver scheme guidance note GN 2018/1 and Law Companion Ruling LCR 2018/5 have been published along with the Downsizer contribution guidance note GN 2018/2 and Law Companion Ruling LCR 2018/9 to help people work out how the scheme applies to them.
22/11/2018Common fund enquiries in OctoberThis information will help large funds find answers on our website regarding lost members, including links to related material on member information.
20/11/2018Transfer balance cap and TBAR reporting webinar - where to find your information onlineThe 22 November webinar discusses the transfer balance cap and reporting requirements, ETB determination and tax assessment and commutation authority processes.
19/11/2018CRT Alert 082/2018 - Super housing measures updateSuper housing measure update on the First home super saver (FHSS) scheme and Downsizing contributions.
14/11/2018SMSF webinarsWe run free SMSF webinars for superannuation professionals and trustees of self-managed super funds.