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06/04/2020CRT Alert 009/2020 - Interest in coronavirus early release of superNotification to funds advising how the ATO is handling their members interest in the coronavirus early release of super measure.
03/04/2020COVID-19 - effect on trustees and annual returnsIf you need more time to meet your SMSF annual return obligations, contact us or your agent to request an extension.
03/04/2020CRT Alert 007/2020 - Coronavirus - early release of super data file information.Notification to funds providing information about the Coronavirus early release of super data file.
03/04/2020CRT Alert 008/2020 - Unclaimed super money reporting and payment deferralWe are writing to trustees about granting deferrals of the scheduled statement day and payment day for 31 December unclaimed money day accounts.
01/04/2020CRT Alert 005/2020 - early release of superNotification to funds advising the ATO webpage for the design and implementation of the coronavirus early release of super measure has been updated.
01/04/2020CRT Alert 006/2020 - MATS and COVID-19 early release of superNotification to funds advising how MATS account balance reporting can assist members requesting coronavirus early release of super.
01/04/2020Data file format - 26 March 2020Key messages from industry consultation held 26 March 2020.
01/04/2020Superannuation COVID-19 stimulus - design and implementationInformation on the design and implementation of the processes and systems to support the delivery of the COVID-19 stimulus measures.
31/03/2020Design and implementation informationDesign and implementation information for funds for the COVID-19 early release of superannuation package.
31/03/2020Superannuation Changes Industry roadmapThe Superannuation changes industry road map is an overview of the changes affecting the superannuation industry.
30/03/2020CRT Alert 004/2020 - COVID-19 economic response package - early release of superInformation to funds on how the coronavirus early release of super package is progressing.
27/03/2020Coronavirus - early release of superannuation industry consultation 24 March 2020Key messages from industry consultation held 24 March 2020.
26/03/2020April due date for TBARThe next due date for reporting of transfer balance account events is 28 April.
25/03/20202020 SMSF annual return - Part A qualificationchangesThe 2020 Self-managed super fund (SMSF) annual return will make some changes to Part A qualification reporting in the independent audit report.
25/03/2020Government’s COVID-19 economic response assists SMSFs and their membersNew legislation temporarily reduces super minimum drawdown rates and extends access to super on compassionate grounds if your members are dealing with adverse economic effects of coronavirus.
25/03/2020Outcome of mail-out to SMSF auditors with no audits for five yearsIn May last year we wrote to 109 registered SMSF auditors who had not been reported as an SMSF auditor on an SMSF annual return (SAR) in the past five years.
25/03/2020SMSF auditor number misuse and reminder to checklistsLast year we began a proactive approach to identifying SMSF auditor number (SAN) misuse, we sent SMSF auditors lists of SMSFs who had reported them as their auditor for the 2017 and 2018 income years, and we asked the auditors to confirm they had conducted the audit
23/03/2020Audit support service for SMSF auditorsThe Super Professional-to-Professional service provides timely technical assistance to SMSF auditors.
18/03/2020Regulating SMSFs in a complicated environmentRead what Deputy Commissioner James O’Halloran and Assistant Commissioner Dana Fleming had to say at the SMSF Association National Conference 2020.
17/03/2020Latest improvements to ATO Online for superWe’ve recently made a number of improvements to ATO Online to track and manage your super.
17/03/2020We want to hear from super fund employeesWe are seeking feedback via a survey on how we can improve our service to you when interacting with us.
16/03/2020Accessing the DASP online application system for fundsSteps for super funds or their administrators to follow for establishing access to the departing Australia superannuation payments online application system.
16/03/2020Latest improvements to ATO onlineThe March IT system release has improved the experience for fund members using ATO online to manage their super.
13/03/20202020 SMSF annual return formThe 2020 SMSF annual return form will be available at the end of May. It will contain a new label and other changes.
12/03/2020A late SMSF annual return will change the status of your fundSMSFs more than two weeks overdue on any annual return lodgment will have their status changed on Super Fund Lookup.
12/03/2020Appoint your auditor before the end of MarchFor SMSF annual returns due on 15 May, you need to have engaged an auditor by 31 March.
12/03/2020Your auditor report is critical for SAR lodgmentYou must receive your SMSF auditor’s report before you lodge your SMSF annual return.