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28/06/2017June webcast – recording now availableThe recording of the live Tax professionals webcast on 21 June is now available. It covers tax work-related expenses this tax time, updates on the PLS and maintaining a professional working relationship.
28/06/2017System maintenance during tax timeThis tax time we may have overnight system outages or limited systems functionality at short notice. Find out the maintenance window times and how to stay informed.
26/06/2017Lodging for your sole trader clientsYou need to lodge tax returns for your business clients even if their income is below the tax-free threshold.
22/06/2017Simpler BAS – what you are sayingFrom user testing of Simpler BAS, you can now hear what your colleagues say are the benefits of Simpler BAS for you and your clients.
21/06/2017Super changes start 1 JulyRemind your clients that time is running out to take action before the super changes start.
19/06/2017Avoid common errorsThere are some common errors that may prevent lodgment or delay processing of tax returns. Find out what they are and how to avoid them.
19/06/2017BSWAT payment schemeYour clients may claim a lump sum in arrears tax offset if they received a Business services wage assessment tool (BSWAT) payment.
19/06/2017Changes for employers of working holiday makersIf you have clients who employ working holiday makers on 417 or 462 visas they need to register with us.
19/06/2017Webinars, videos and webcastsOur webinars and webcasts provide you with a range of online information and practical assistance on various topics relevant to you, your practice and your clients.
14/06/2017Join our next live webcastTune in to our live webcast on Wednesday 21 June 2017. Our panel will discuss topics including Tax Time 2017, work-related expenses, professional responsibilities and the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).
14/06/2017Requesting a deferral made easierLodgment deferrals are now easier to request. The payment due date for agent assessed deferral requests is now also extended, except for individual and trust returns.
13/06/2017GST and property transactions webinarRegister for our free webinar on GST and property transactions - joint ventures and partnerships on Monday 26 June.
06/06/2017Prepare for Tax Time 2017Tax time is almost here. Find out what you need to know and when you can lodge 2017 tax returns.
06/06/2017Trust income deadline approachingRemind your trustee clients they need to distribute trust income by 30 June.
05/06/2017Claiming the HECS-HELP benefitThe 2017 income year is the last year your clients can claim the HECS–HELP benefit. Find out more.
05/06/2017Have your clients had changes in creditable purpose?If your clients use their property purchases in a way that is different than originally intended they must report adjustments in their June activity statement.
05/06/2017Resolving tax disputes quicklyWe offer an in-house facilitation service to help you and your clients resolve tax and super disputes more quickly. Find out how this service works.
31/05/2017Foreign exchange ratesList of daily, monthly and annual foreign exchange rates. Updated to include daily and monthly rates for May 2017.
31/05/2017Urgent system maintenanceOn 30 May our technical teams undertook critical maintenance work that required an urgent outage to our systems.
30/05/2017Simpler BAS is coming soonFrom 1 July 2017, small businesses will have less GST information to report on their BAS. Let your clients know about the changes.
30/05/2017Systems outages to prepare for tax timeWe have essential systems outages in June to prepare our systems for Tax Time 2017. Find out when these will happen and how they affect you.