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27/03/2017Lump sum payments for healthcare practitionersHelp your clients in the health services industry correctly treat lump sum payments they receive from medical centres for the healthcare they provide. Learn more.
27/03/2017PLS – setting up access videosWatch our videos to see how to check and set up access and permissions in Access Manager before using the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).
27/03/2017Small business benchmarks updated with the latest dataYou can use the benchmarks to check your clients’ business performance and help them identify potential areas of improvement.
20/03/2017GST accounting for food retailers made easierDid you know that simplified accounting methods are available to make it easier for food retailers to account for GST? Learn more.
20/03/2017Making it easier to finalise deceased estatesWe have made changes to improve your experience when finalising the tax affairs of deceased clients.
14/03/2017Final reminder to lodge Taxable payments annual reportWe will send final reminder letters to businesses in the building and construction industry who have not lodged their Taxable payments annual report for 2016 or prior years. You may have clients who are affected.
14/03/2017Law Companion Guidelines released for super changesWe have issued the final versions of several Law Companion Guidelines (LCGs) to help you with the super changes. Learn more about the LCGs and how to apply them to your clients.
14/03/2017Planned changes to GST on low value imported goodsChanges to GST on imported goods are planned to take effect from 1 July 2017. Learn about what this means for your clients and provide your feedback on the changes.
14/03/2017The benefits of the PLS - videoWatch our video to find out some of the benefits of using the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).
13/03/2017Consultation - tax incentives for early stage investorsWe're inviting you to provide feedback on material relating to new tax incentives for early stage (angel) investors.
13/03/2017Working holiday makers - 2017 early lodgersThere are things you need to remember when preparing early income tax returns for clients on a working holiday visa. Learn more about managing these clients.
06/03/2017FBT webinarWe are holding a free webinar to answer your questions about FBT. Find out more.
28/02/2017Foreign exchange ratesList of daily, monthly and annual foreign exchange rates. Updated to include daily and monthly rates for February 2017.