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22/05/2019Base Erosion and Profit ShiftingBase erosion and profit shifting is a tax avoidance strategy used by multinational companies to shift profits from high tax jurisdictions to ones that have low taxes.
22/05/2019GST property decision toolThe GST property decision tool is an interactive tool. It will assist you to correctly treat and report GST on property-related transactions.
22/05/2019What and when to reportWhat events must be reported in the event-based reporting framework for self-managed super funds (SMSFs) and when you need to report to us.
21/05/2019Common GST errors - importing or exportingThis fact sheet outlines some examples of common errors made by businesses who import or export goods and services in Australia.
21/05/2019Contributions splitting for membersYour members may be able to split certain contributions with their spouse, enabling them to boost their spouse's super savings with some of their own.
21/05/2019GST at settlementIf you are selling or buying new residential premises or potential residential land, you will need to comply with the GST at settlement process.
21/05/2019Helping Indigenous Australians reunite with their superReconciliation Week is 27 May - 3 June. Find out what we're doing to help Indigenous Australians reunite with their lost and unclaimed super.
21/05/2019Instant asset write-off increased and extendedChanges to the instant asset write-off means businesses with are turnover from $10 million to $50 million are now eligible.
21/05/2019Reportable tax positionsReportable tax positions may be used for large businesses.
21/05/2019Transfer balance cap - defined benefit income streamsHow the transfer balance cap rules apply to capped defined benefit income streams.
21/05/2019Valuation guidelines for self-managed super fundsThis guide helps self-managed superannuation fund trustees when valuing assets for superannuation purposes.
20/05/2019Carrying on a businessHere's a list of the documents and information we usually need to process a private ruling request or objection about whether you are carrying on a business.
20/05/2019Changes to ABN application processOur Australian business number (ABN) application process is changing as we continue to focus on ABN entitlement and ensure the integrity of the Australian Business Register.
20/05/2019Compare SMSFs with other super fundsComparison of the differences between SMSFs and other super funds.
20/05/2019GST property settlement online forms and instructionsInstructions for purchasers of new residential premises or potential residential land on how to complete and lodge GST property settlement forms to the ATO.
20/05/2019Member Account Transaction ServiceThe Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) is the service used for reporting member contributions and transactions when they occur (event-based reporting).
20/05/2019Positive SMSF sector growth in 2016-17Read the highlights from our Self-managed superannuation funds: A statistical overview 2016-17 report.
20/05/2019Reducing errors when claiming business expensesHelp your clients avoid common errors when claiming business expenses.
20/05/2019Reportable tax position instructions 2019This document provides the instructions for completing the 2019 Reportable tax position schedule (NAT 74066).
20/05/2019Reportable tax position schedule 2019For companies who have self-assessed, or who are notified of, the requirement to lodge the Reportable tax position schedule 2019.
20/05/2019Reporting obligationsEvent-based reporting for APRA-regulated funds through the Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) and Member Account Transaction Service (MATS).
17/05/2019Auditing an SMSF that is winding upGuidance for SMSF auditors on auditing an SMSF that is is winding up
17/05/2019Capital allowances: effective life review for funeral, crematorium and cemetery services industry assetsWe are starting a review of the assets used in the funeral, crematorium and cemetery services industries with a view to making new effective life determinations.
17/05/2019GST at settlement - getting the forms rightPurchasers of new residential premises or potential residential land need to complete and lodge two GST at settlement forms to ATO.
17/05/2019Super contributions - too much can mean extra taxThere are caps on the amount you can contribute to your super each financial year that are taxed at lower rates. If you exceed these caps, you may pay extra tax.
17/05/2019Tax professionals conversations webcastsTax professionals conversations is our series of webcasts for the tax profession. Join the livestream sessions or watch recordings after the events to hear about various topics relevant to you, your practice and your clients.
17/05/2019Trustee obligations on our radar: TFN reportsWe are currently looking into various trustee obligations, such as TFN reports. Find out what you need to do to get things right.
16/05/20192019 Completed mattersThe list of consultation matters registered in 2019 that have been completed or actioned through other processes.
16/05/2019Cyber security is everyone's businessATO information on what can happen if your systems are breached by scammers
16/05/2019Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive: Year 3 opening soonYear 3 of the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI) will open 3 June 2019.